Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tea Party #2

My granddaughters wanted another tea party! Alright! It was just Sydney, Isabella, our neighbor, Patricia, and myself. It was very nice. The girls cleaned the deck so we could have an outside tea party. They just finished when a breeze came up and blew pods and pine needles in and bees began buzzing around so we decided to move inside the sun room. Picture #1 shows the four of us enjoying our time together. #2 is just another view. #3 shows the table all set up and ready for us. We used my Bone China again and the little Brazilian spoons. I made a jelly roll and Miss Patricia surprised us with scones with a delicious spread that tastes like lemon merainge pie! I served apple cinnamon spice tea again. Everything was so nice and so good. The girls were so grown up and so good. It was a very pleasant afternoon! Lord, thank you for good times and memories.

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