Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday April 29

Happy Birthday, Mason! You are our sportsman! I'm glad you like to play baseball and football and... I wish we lived closer so we could watch some of your games! When we come to visit we'll be sure to watch you. I can't believe you're nine years old already! I hope you have a really special day today. I love you.

Heavenly Father, thank You for Mason. He's a fine boy, named after Grandpa. Please keep Your Hand upon him, keep him safe and well. Help him to make good friends. Help him to love You. I love him so much and You love him even more.

Monday, April 25, 2011


     Yesterday was Easter. It was so nice to see some folks dressed up for church! Men were more dressy than women! That's a switch... Some came in suits, some came in dress shirts and ties. 
     This is one of the things that frustrates me today. How folks dress for church. Most wear blue jeans, almost all women wear jeans or slacks. Very few of us wear skirts or dresses. 
     I've yet to wear pants to church on Sunday mornings. It doesn't make me any more spiritual than the next one but it does make me feel good about how I look. 
     Even our three pastors each dressed up for church yesterday! Now days that's rare...I don't get it. 
     A friend of ours lost his job here and eventually was hired in another state. He is an educated man with an executive position. I looked up the company on-line to see where our friend was going. I was surprised to see that that company has a dress code! Maybe all companies do. 
     News reporters and weathermen wear suits and ties. I wonder if that's going to change...I hope not.  
     I'm been wondering why there isn't a dress code for pastors. They work for us, don't they? Oh but, I forgot I'm one of the few who dresses up for church so I'm probably also the only one who cares how the pastors dress. That's sad.
     A few years ago the top man in our church conference came here to speak on Sunday. He was dressed in slacks and a polo shirt. As he shook hands with me before service, I boldly said to him, "I see you've joined the younger set in dressing down."
     He replied, "Oh, should I be dressed up? I try to dress the way I think the folks in the congregation will be dressed. I have a sweater in the car, I'll go get it."
     I don't get it... He should have been the leader here, not the follower.  We look up to our leaders. This is backwards. So he did go get his sweater, but it didn't help his appearance one bit. He needed a dress shirt and tie, at least.
     It all boils down to a lack of respect. There is little respect in our society today. We wonder about and talk about the lack of respect of our teenagers and children. Adults have also lost respect in so many ways. This is one of them. Dressing up for church simply shows respect for God's House. Nothing more, nothing less. 
     I wonder if I'll get any comments to this post. I welcome them. Let me know how you feel. 
     Lord, I praise You because of Who You Are. Forgive me if I've offended some folks here. Thank You for my church where we can freely worship You. Please help me to live my life pleasing to You. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday April 23

Happy Birthday, Bella! If we look closely we can see a butterfly on your finger! Click on the picture to see it closer. Just think: you're nine years old today! I can't believe it! You're a very special girl and granddaughter! I'm so glad you're learning to ride horses! That was my dream all through my growing up years! Now you and Sydney are living my dream! I hope you have a really wonderful birthday. I wish we could be with you. I love you very much.

Lord, thank You for Bella. She's a wonderful person and granddaughter. Please be with her in school, play, riding, studying, resting. Keep Your Hand of protection upon her. Help her to make good friends. Help her to learn of you and to always live for you. I love her so much and You love her even more!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


     We're all alone. It's so quiet. No grandchildren, no dogs. Just Jerry and me. I worked on cleaning, changing sheets, washing and drying  laundry, scrubbing floors. Jerry raked flower beds, did some plowing in the driveway to fill in holes, blew leaves and dirt off the cement driveway. We seemed good. Jerry did more work today than he has in a long time! In the middle of the afternoon he came in and asked if I'd join him outside for a cup of coffee! We sat in a couple of lawn chairs with the sun on our backs and simply enjoyed the out of doors. We have a good life... 
     I've been reflecting on the past 11 days with five of our grandchildren. It was a busy but good time. I'm tired but it's a good tired. We didn't even do all the things we had written down on a list.  We didn't go skating, have a tea party, or put up the Easter egg tree. But we did go to the Butterfly House twice, went to the nature center and to the Cook farm, went swimming and for an airplane ride, bought material and sewed, read a book and much more. 
     Some things we started and didn't get finished. Sydney and I started making her an outfit but I'll have it finished soon. We also started and almost finished reading For This Cross I'll Kill You by Bruce Olson. A later title is Bruchko. It's a great book about a young man who obeyed God, I recommend it to you. It was recommended to me by my son, Ted, years ago. I read it to two of my grandsons, Andrew and Matthew, when they were boys. So Sydney and I will pick it up, review it, and continue reading and finish it next time she comes. I think we have four chapters left. 
     Bella went to school with Elmise twice and loved it! The cousins had two sleepovers!
     It was a little different when Sydney and Bella went home and Elmise and Armon were here because they had school so they were gone all day. When they came home we worked on home work and then went outside to burn off some energy! After supper we watched a movie and then...bedtime!
     Each one is tucked in and prayed for...a special time. Then hugs and kisses, "Good-night...sleep tight!"
     Five grandchildren over the past 11 days. Fifteen grandchildren, one granddaughter-in-law, all together and each one is so uniquely special and different...each one is loved and cherished. 
     Heavenly Father, I praise You. You are the Creator! You are All Knowing! You promised to be with us yesterday, today and tomorrow! You are In Control (even when it doesn't look like it)! Please watch over my grandchildren, keep them safe and healthy. Help them to make good friends and to stay away from harmful habits. Help them to know that You are Real and Alive. Please reveal Yourself to them. I love each one of them so much and You love each one of them even more!

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Blog

Well, I'm disappointed but sometimes a new start is a good thing.
I've started a new blog with Word Press called all in the day of... The address is:
I've run out of space for pictures on blogspot. I didn't know that could happen...!  
I do hope you'll check it out and that at least some of you will write a comment so I know how I'm doing. This will be a little more thought provoking. Freetobeme was more of a journal. So please indulge me and check it out. 

Friday, April 08, 2011

Loons Opening Parade

 I took the grand kids to the Loon's Parade yesterday. The got balloons, balls and candy! I only took a few pictures and I'm posting them here. Click on any to see them bigger. Lou E. Loon is the mascot for the Loons! He was the Grand Marshall for the parade!
I have a love for camels since I rode one up Mt Sinai! 
Lord, thank You for the little pleasures in life.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Happy Birthday April 7

Happy Birthday, Shauna! It's nice having you closer to home although we don't see you any oftener! I hope you had a nice day today. I'm writing this late at night because my days are very busy this week with grandchildren here. I hope you know how much we appreciate you. With your job, we never know where you are, but we do know you're a good wife and mother. I hope they gave you a wonderful day.
Lord, thank You for Shauna. Bless her in her work. Use her. Please keep her safe as she travels. I love her, Lord, and You love her even more.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Cook's Farm

 This afternoon Syd, Bella and I went to the Cook's farm to see their kids that have been born over the last few days. 13 in far! Libby took us to the barn and introduced us to all the goats! They all have names and she knows them by name! It was a fun time.




Back to the Butterfly House

Sydney, Bella and I went back to the Butterfly House this morning. The other kids had spring break last week. There is a picturesque water fall on the way to the butterfly House. I took Sydney's picture. 

This unique bridge is on the way.
         The first thing in the butterfly house is a large bird cage. You can't miss it!
This Blue Morpho just came out of the cocoon 

Syd has a pretty one.



Butterfly on a blooming Lily Pad.

We had a great morning. Sydney with a Blue Morpho. Thank You Lord for another great time with the butterflies.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Humming Bird Puzzle

Humming Bird puzzle...finished! It's so beautiful and was a challenge to put together. But I love a good challenge! You can click on the picture to make it bigger to see all the details. 
Thank You, Lord, for fun relaxing but challenging projects.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

More Fun

When the five grandchildren came over this evening for a game time here was the pile of shoes by the front door!

 Our old game of Sorry was really getting sorry! Only three people could play at a time and it was in bad shape. Well, since it's a favorite game around here I bought a new one. Today we played with both games. Sydney and Haleigh played the old game, Elmise, Bella, Armon and I played the new game. Then the winners of both games played each other. Sydney and Armon won and played the winner game with Sydney winning! It was fun and they are learning to be good sports.
Thank You, Lord, for good times.

After the Butterfly House!

Haleigh, Syd, Bella
After we left the butterfly house we went to the handicraft barn. There they had fun hands-on things to do. We ended the afternoon at McDonalds!
Thank You, Lord, for the good day we had together.
Sydney & Bella


Elmise wore butterfly wings!

Afterward we went to McDonalds!

The Butterfly House

Sydney with a
beautiful butterfly!
 On our way to the
Butterfly House!
Haleigh, Elmise,
Sydney, Armon, Bella.

One even landed on me!



Close up of Haleigh's butterfly!
Each one is holding a butterfly but some are hard to see.

Heavenly Father, You are Creator and I Praise You! Thank You for the beautiful butterflies and for the super, great day I had today 
with five of my grandchildren!