Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday August 30

Happy Happy Birthday, Cookie. I love this picture I took of you last year at Richard's birthday party. I think this old guy is proud to have his picture taken with you! Well, okay, I think he would be if he were alive...he looks real. You're such a good sport and you love fun. You're a wonderful sister-in-law. I'm hoping to see you next month when I come out to visit Mother and all the rest of the family in Colorado. I wish for you a great day today.
Lord, thank You for Cookie. She's a good sister-in-law. Please watch over her as she works, drives, plays, etc. Bless her with Your Presence in all the roles she has: wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend. I love her, Lord, and You love her even more.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday August 25

Happy Birthday, Bill! I know you received a wonderful surprise visit from son, Chris, and grandsons, I'm assuming it was for your birthday! What a wonderful surprise! So your whole family is probably celebrating your big day and I hope our Mother is included in the celebration. I wish I could be there too. I wish for you a wonderful, fun, fabulous, great day today. 
Lord, thank You for Bill. He's my little brother. Please touch his body and give him relief from pain. Keep him close to You. Give the family a wonderful time of closeness this week. Thank You for giving them this time together. I love Bill and You love him even more.

Journal 8/25/11

Well, a couple of days have gone by since my frustrating blog so I need to update my journal now. 
     I went to the missions board meeting, two evenings ago, ready to resign. I told Jerry before I left this would be my last meeting to attend. 
     There was a good turnout at the meeting. Even Toby, representing the pastor's cabinet, was there. We began with prayer. Then we went into discussing our frustrations, with folks not going through the proper channels when doing what is actually good work. I gave my feelings and that I would be resigning. Toby is a gift to the missions board. He understood our frustrations, took notes and will be reporting to the pastor's cabinet.
     We moved on to the business at hand. My mind calmed down and I felt myself moving along and getting excited and involved in the business. I was at peace.
     No, I didn't resign. 
     I may even be going to a special weekend promoting a project close to my heart and certainly close to the Heart of God! It's very exciting!!!
Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are Sovereign, You are Omnipresent. Thank You for how You are working around the world. Please help me to know Your Will.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Journal 8/23/11

Whoa! Where is the summer going? September and autumn will soon be here. Autumn is actually my favorite season but I would like it to hold off a little longer. Okay...a lot longer! 

We're keeping busy here. I'm always working on the newsletter I write and am editor of. 

This evening I have a board meeting to go to. It's bitter/sweet. I've been on the missions board for years and years. We've seen changes come and go. But it seems that boards are a thing of the past. So this may be the last meeting for all of us or at least for me.
     Everything has changed in the church. There are no boards any more at all, except the missions board. We've held on because we believe in what we're doing. We're excited about what the Lord is doing around the world and we love promoting it throughout the church so everyone is aware of God's love in a hurting world. But we're being ignored and made to feel like we're in the way. It's time for a change. This is very difficult and hurts clear to the core of me but it's not worth the resentment I feel when I see and hear others promoting projects without the board's knowledge ahead of time. It's not control...it is not being included  on the ground work. I never expected it to end like this but, I guess, life goes on.

     We've gone through many changes in the church and we've survived. In fact we're growing! I'll name a few changes here. 
     Pews have been exchanged for chairs. The pulpit has been exchanged for a little table to hold a computer. Pastors sit on a stool to deliver the sermon.
     We've gone from one pastor to four. Our senior pastor is so anointed by God. His sermons reflect this so there is no doubt that God is with him. Our other pastors are gifted men that God is using. We're blessed with our pastoral staff. 
     We have no organ or choir or song leader and very seldom have special music in our services. We have a band and two or three singers to lead us. We seldom sing hymns, mainly choruses. We have no hymnals, the words are on screens up on the platform.
     We have no Sunday School, except for the Young at Heart class because they refused to quit! It's held during 1st service, the folks attend 2nd service. Our children are not lacking in instructions. We have children's church and a Wednesday evening program that is outstanding. 
     We have no evening service, except once in a while for a special occasion. We do have small groups who supposedly meet on the first and third Sunday evenings, some have changed the times to better meet their needs.
     I grew up respecting God's House, dressing in a respectful way, not prideful but respectful. There is no respect today. Some folks look like they've been out working in the yard and at the last minute decided to come to church. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, low cut shirts, very short skirts, etc. are common attire. Even pastors seldom dress up. Once in a while they will come wearing a tie but it's seldom. I think the pastor should set the example for dressing up, in respect for God's House, but what I think doesn't matter.
     We have no committees except for the missions board who will soon be disbanding, I fear. 
     Most of these changes have taken place over the last ten years or so. I have prided myself in that I've not resisted the changes. I've moved along with them. Jerry and I read a book together that helped us tremendously, Who Stole My Church by Gordon MacDonald. But I must admit I'm struggling with this last change. Missions has been a part of my life, my entire life! I've been a part of the missions board my whole married life, which is 52 years!
     God is good, God is sovereign, God is in-control, God is love, God is omnipresent. God is King, God is the good Shepard, God is three in one: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. God is all knowing, all seeing, all hearing. God is compassionate and kind. "For God so loved the world He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16   

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Journal 7/18/11

Oh where to begin... 

Grandma's School. Success! Armon and I worked all summer studying to bring him up to where he could be moved up to 1st grade. We made it! He was tested one day and he passed the test! We've ended for the summer but I'll continue helping him after school each day with his homework.

Plaid. He was the little Shih Tzu next door. I loved him and he loved me. I was the dog sitter whenever Rob's family went away (almost every time). Grandma S. kept him while we all went to family camp. The last time I was with him was one afternoon when Rob asked if I'd let him out about noon for a little while. They'd be back about 5:00. I did go over. Instead of tying him outside, I took him for a walk. On the way back it started sprinkling so we stopped at our house instead of continuing over to their house. He stayed all afternoon. It was delightful! He loved to sit in a chair or on a foot stool in the sun room and just look out the windows, usually falling asleep for a nap. I held him part of the time and just petted him and talked to him. It was a sweet time. I took him back home about 4:30. Little did we know that would be our last time together. This last Sunday evening he, somehow, slipped outside and no one realized it. He ran down the road and was hit by a car. I miss him so much...

Visitors. I've had two visitors recently that were very special. Philipp was a student of mine back when he was in 1st grade to about 3rd grade! Now he's a man. He wrote to me saying he was in our town working for the summer and asked if we could get together! It was great! We visited and reminisced over an American supper! He's very International! He brought pictures of his sister's wedding. She had also been my student all those years ago.
Then this week Philipp's mother came for coffee! She and Philipp's dad were here visiting Philipp for a few days. What a delightful visit we had! I got out the Bone China for coffee and cookies! 

Heavenly Father, thank You for the privilege of working with Armon. He's a bright little boy, he just needed some help getting started. Please guide him through life. Help him as he begins 1st grade.
Thank You for Plaid and for giving me that last afternoon with him. I loved him so much and even though he was a dog You cared for him.
Thank You for my friends, Philipp and Gabi. Please watch over them with all the traveling they do all over the world.  They are so special to me and even more so to You.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Silver Anniversary Aug 16, 1986

Happy Happy Anniversary, Tim and Shauna! Your silver anniversary! Can you believe it? I can't. God has blessed you. This picture is from the wedding, last summer, of Andrew and Katie. I wish we could have been to the celebration Annie and Kaleb had for you at the lake. We thought of you and even talked about you with each other and with the Lord! We're very proud of you and wish you many, many more happy years.
Lord, thank You for blessing Tim and Shauna with 25 years of marriage. Please continue to bless them. Watch over them, guard their marriage, give them good health. I love them so much and You love them even more.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday August 12

Happy Birthday, Andrew! I miss you so much. I know you're very busy now as a new husband and career man, but I still miss you! I have so many wonderful memories of you as a little boy and then growing up. 

You were our very first grandchild! Oh, what a wonderful feeling came over us when you were born! Our daughter gave birth to this precious little boy who would call us Grandma and Grandpa. 

I hope you are having a wonderful day today! I wish for you the very best that life has to offer. You and Katie are a wonderful couple and I can't wait to see you again!

Dear Lord, thank You for Andrew! He's always been a delightful boy and now he's a man. A married man. Please watch over him. Help him to love and honor and worship You. Bless him and Katie together. Please keep them safe and well. I love him so much and You love him even more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday August 10

Happy Birthday, Tyler! No, you can't be 19 already! Okay, this picture is of you at your high school graduation open house! That's the cake I made for you like a mortar board! You had another one made like a legos! Boys will be boys. It was a great open house. Now you'll soon be off to college. I can't believe that either. You have so much potential and I know you can make it! I wish for you a super great day today.

Lord, thank You for Tyler. He's a good boy and a good grandson. Please be with him as he goes off to college. He'll be a long way from home. Please keep homesickness away. Help him to do his best at his studies. Help him to make good friends. Keep him true to his commitment to You. I love him, Lord, and You love him even more.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy Birthday August 6

Matthew, as I prefer pictures of him!

Matthew, as he prefers pictures of him!
Happy Happy Birthday, Matthew! We only see you once in a while now that you're all grown up. We have lots of good memories though of you staying with us, camping with us, etc. I took these pictures this summer when we were at your house helping your mom and dad build their new shed. 
I'm impressed with the man you've become! You're respectful, kind, thoughtful... just the kind of man I like! I wish for you a wonderful day today. I wish we could celebrate with you!
Lord, thank You for Matthew. He's a fine young man and a grandson I'm proud of. Help him to love and honor You. Please keep him safe in whatever he does. I love him so much and You love him even more!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Journal August 5, 2011

This morning I had a procedure done at my doctor's office. I've had a growth on my tongue for a few months now so today was d-day. Doctor removed it and sent it in for a biopsy. I have a very sore tongue now but it's not bleeding badly at all. He warned me that it might. I was very nervous about it but it's all over and I'm feeling like I have a big head with a very sore tongue but otherwise, I'm okay. It's a relief to have it over. I just ate a Popsicle!  

This week has flown by. Tomorrow is my grandson's birthday, Matthew, and it crept up on me without me realizing it. Oh dear. 

I'm keeping busy this summer with Grandma's School for grandson, Armon. You can read about it on my new blog allinthedayof.wordpress.com if you're interested. I've written a daily log on our progress. We're mainly working on reading to help him be ready for first grade. The encouragement I get from friends is so encouraging. My sister, Lorraine, has sent a couple of books for us to use. I appreciate her interest, suggestions, books, etc. so much. 

Okay, I'm going to lay down again for a bit. Thanks for reading.

Lord, Thank You for helping my doctor this morning. Please heal my tongue quickly. I praise You because You are my Healer.