Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday August 10

Happy Birthday, Tyler! No, you can't be 19 already! Okay, this picture is of you at your high school graduation open house! That's the cake I made for you like a mortar board! You had another one made like a legos! Boys will be boys. It was a great open house. Now you'll soon be off to college. I can't believe that either. You have so much potential and I know you can make it! I wish for you a super great day today.

Lord, thank You for Tyler. He's a good boy and a good grandson. Please be with him as he goes off to college. He'll be a long way from home. Please keep homesickness away. Help him to do his best at his studies. Help him to make good friends. Keep him true to his commitment to You. I love him, Lord, and You love him even more.

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