Monday, July 27, 2009

Our First House

This was our first house fifty years ago! Jerry began building it in April '59 and we were married in June '59. We rented a trailer and had it set beside the house until in October when we moved into our first house! It was so exciting! We only had old furniture for the first several months, but then one day we went shopping! We bought a three piece sectional, end tables and lamps, and a rocking chair. There were no charge cards back then. We saved and paid cash! A good habit! On one side of us lived Jerry's brother, Jim, & Marion, and family. On the other side of us was a woods, clear to the corner. Our first three babies were born while we lived here, but then we decided we needed a bigger house. This house had three bedrooms, living room, and kitchen, also a full basement. So sadly we sold our first home after living here for six years, but joyfully, built a second home, large enough for two more babies to join the family. Now, you may be wondering why I'm writing this and telling you some of our history here. Our little house has been sold several times since we first sold it. But now, it has a wonderful purpose for being where it is. The woods beside the house was all cut down several years ago and Calvery Baptist Church was built. As the church expanded the need arose for a home to house missionaries when they come back to the USA on home leave. Our little house was purchased by the church for that purpose! I can't think of a better use for it! In fact, I get excited when I think about it!
Lord, how I love You! I praise You because You are Sovereign. Thank You for giving our little house such a great reason for being! Bless the folks, who live there temporarily while on home assignment from serving You, by telling others about You, with Your abiding Presence.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dan, Dan, The Mattress Man

There was a big sale going on down at The Mattress Warehouse. Dan, Dan, the mattress man said so! If we could get 63 folks to hold up signs advertising the sale for four hours, he'd give $2500 to the adoption fund for Elmise and Armon! Jerry and I were camping but if I could get someone to come up with me I'd come to help out. Three friends agreed! So we met at 6:30 AM and were here by time for coffee and donuts before heading out to a busy intersection to hold up our signs.

This picture is of my good friend, Ruth. She and her daughter's are in Michigan visiting. They live in southern Illinois!

This is Lydia. She's ten and has pretty red hair!

Here is Lauren, she also has very pretty hair.

This is Dave. There were six of us at this intersection.

My friend, Pam, always has a smile for everyone!
Even though we didn't make the 63 mark, 40 some folks showed up to hold up signs, Dan still gave $2500 to the adoption fund!
Lord, thank You for Dan, Dan, the Mattress Man making such a generous offer toward the adoption.Thank You for the good weather for us. Thank You for all who came.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jessica! July 25 is here again, already! How quickly life moves by. You are so busy and so involved right now...wife, mother, nurse, expectant mother of two adoptee's! We'll all be glad when Elmise and Armon can come home to America. I feel like I know them already even though I've never met them.
Working on your birthday is not fun or fair. I hope Rob, Haleigh, and Tyler made you feel special on your special day (evening). I love you and wish for you a happy, happy birthday!
Heavenly Father, thank You for Jessica. Bless her with Your Presence. You
know all about the adoption of Elmise and Armon. All the paper work, the waiting, the thousands of dollars, the love, the preparation, etc. I praise You because You are In Control, You are Sovereign, and You are Love. Please be with Jessica as she deals with the stress of all the details. Give her a good day filled with Your Presence. I love her as my daughter-in-law and You love her more.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Tea Party for Girls

Sydney and Haleigh are on their way to a tea party! Miss Patricia (Neighbor behind us) invited them to a tea at 2:00. Here they are all dressed up and eager to go! Don't they look beautiful?
I was only allowed to go and take a picture of them! This is very special!

Lord, thank You for special times, special friends, and special girls!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two Granddaughter's

Best cousins! Haleigh and Sydney. We went to the Nature Center where there are all kinds of things to do. There is the home stead farm, with live animals; the river; the trails to hike on, etc. We did it all!

A good look at the cow.

Feeding the cow!

Calling and coaxing the pigs over.

Feeding the pigs.

This huge tree is rather interesting. I wonder what hides in it in the night or in a storm! The girls would have fit in it but it's actually kind of gross, so they just stood in front of it!

I'm surprised they didn't end up falling into the river!

But they didn't!

Resting on the dock.

This morning some men were working out by the road and they were so Haleigh and Sydney took some cold Pepsi and some Styrofoam cups out to them for refreshment! The girls were leaving when one of the men said, "Hey, wait, come back here." Then he gave each of them a dollar!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Haleigh and Sydney. Thanks for the good day we had today. Please be with them as they grow up.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good times with friends

Ed & Darlene, Irma (Darlene's mother), and Tyler, grandson.
When we were first married Irma was one of our neighbors, she had four little girls who loved to come over to visit! They were Karen, Darlene & Marlene (twins), and Becky.

Jerry, myself, Tom, and Marilyn.

This belongs to Chris!

Judy, Reiny & Sigi.

Ramses and Sherry visiting with me. In the background Joan, Fran, Rob, Harold, Maxine.

Pastor Dave, Chris, Laura, and Donna.

Next door neighbor from our old neighborhood, Carolee, visiting with Ted. He and her son, Mike, were best friends when they were boys!

I'm visiting with good friend, Lin. He's not well and we were so pleasantly surprised when he and His wife, Maxine, came walking into the yard! We actually had three folks come with walkers! Ruth, Fran, and Lin! Back yards are not the best places for walkers!

Here I see Dawn, Tom, Jerry, and Emma.

Another picture of our good friend, Lin. There are more friends who didn't get into a picture but we have their names in the guest book. We're so thankful for everyone who came, who sent flowers, who wished us well on facebook or by e-mail.

Lord, I thank You for all our friends.
Lord, one of Your blessings to us is friends. Thank You!

Friends who came to our open house

We have counted up ninty folks, both friends and family who came to our open house.

Our back yard was pretty full!

Jessica and Wanda.

Pam, , Pastor Dave, Pastor Eric, Susie, and Dave.

Bob and Duane discussing something?!

Lots of friends came: Harold, Penn, Joan.

Harold's mother, Ruth, is visiting with Donna.

Rob & Jessica are chatting with our neighbors: Larry, Patricia, Donna, and Bob. At the next table are Kevin, Allise, Nancianne, and Eric.
Jerry, Linda, Ruth, Harold, & Mary.

John and Jerry have found something funny.

Family at the open house

We had lots of family come to our open house. Nephew Rick; friend, Mary; Niece Sandy, niece Cathy; niece Michelle; sister-in-law Marion.

This young fire fighter is our great nephew, Ryan.

Our great, great niece, Ashleigh visiting with daughter-in-law and son, Jessica and Rob.

Nephew and niece: Roger and Marie.

Great, great nieces: sisters - Ashleigh and Olivia.

Great, great nephew, Hayden and great niece, Liz.

Another firefighter: great nephew, Roger and great, great niece, Olivia.

Sister-in-law, Marion; son, Ted; niece, Michelle; daughter-in-law, Jessica.

L-R Nephew, Michael; niece, Michelle; sister-in-law Marion; niece, Cathy (wife of Michael).

I'm talking to nephew, Bob; behind him is nephew, Rick; niece, Michelle; and great-niece Shelby.

Niece and nephew, Cathy and Mike are signing the guest book and looking over photos, etc. Cathy was just four years old at our wedding.

Our son, Rob.

Jerry and daughter, Pam. There were more that didn't make it into a picture: son-in-law Gene (behind the camera); granddaughter's, Haleigh and Sydney; Niece, Diane.

Thank you, Lord, for family and good times.