Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fourth of July!

We had a very nice fourth of July. Ted, Sydney, and Isabella were here. (Sydney had been here the whole week.) Jerry and Ted worked all day cutting trees, the girls helped stack the wood. I worked on the newsletter, getting it ready for publication and mailing. For supper we cooked t-bone steaks on the grill, had corn on the cob and potato salad, (for the girls-macaroni and cheese!). The only thing that would have made our supper better would have been for Gene (son-in-law) to cook the corn on the grill! But alas, Pam and Gene were in Chicago! Then we had friends call and say they were in town and wanted to come over for a short visit! Boy, did I scramble to get the house picked up! But it was so good to see Ramses and part of his family. Then about nine we (minus Jerry, he went to bed) went to see the fireworks. They were very good and so that was fun. We got home around 11:00.

Thank You, Lord, for a good day. Thank You for family and friends.


pondering something said...

Gene smiled when I had him read your blog. He likes that you enjoy his cooking. See you next weekend.

Buckaroo said...

that was so fun thank you for takeing us