Monday, July 27, 2009

Our First House

This was our first house fifty years ago! Jerry began building it in April '59 and we were married in June '59. We rented a trailer and had it set beside the house until in October when we moved into our first house! It was so exciting! We only had old furniture for the first several months, but then one day we went shopping! We bought a three piece sectional, end tables and lamps, and a rocking chair. There were no charge cards back then. We saved and paid cash! A good habit! On one side of us lived Jerry's brother, Jim, & Marion, and family. On the other side of us was a woods, clear to the corner. Our first three babies were born while we lived here, but then we decided we needed a bigger house. This house had three bedrooms, living room, and kitchen, also a full basement. So sadly we sold our first home after living here for six years, but joyfully, built a second home, large enough for two more babies to join the family. Now, you may be wondering why I'm writing this and telling you some of our history here. Our little house has been sold several times since we first sold it. But now, it has a wonderful purpose for being where it is. The woods beside the house was all cut down several years ago and Calvery Baptist Church was built. As the church expanded the need arose for a home to house missionaries when they come back to the USA on home leave. Our little house was purchased by the church for that purpose! I can't think of a better use for it! In fact, I get excited when I think about it!
Lord, how I love You! I praise You because You are Sovereign. Thank You for giving our little house such a great reason for being! Bless the folks, who live there temporarily while on home assignment from serving You, by telling others about You, with Your abiding Presence.


Amy said...

I love the story. It could become a children's picture book.

ruth said...

It was great to see you at camp Anita...I think my mom and I have decided to add on Egypt to our trip after seeing your pictures:). We'll take the camel the whole way up though...
We're back home now...unpacking, getting back into the home routines...three weeks til school starts. Feels good to sleep in our own beds tonight. Have a great day!

989cookie said...

That's a great story! Makes me want to visit the house. What a blessing your house has been/is.

thanks for sharing.


pondering something said...

That is wonderful - isn't amazing how God works!