Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jessica! July 25 is here again, already! How quickly life moves by. You are so busy and so involved right now...wife, mother, nurse, expectant mother of two adoptee's! We'll all be glad when Elmise and Armon can come home to America. I feel like I know them already even though I've never met them.
Working on your birthday is not fun or fair. I hope Rob, Haleigh, and Tyler made you feel special on your special day (evening). I love you and wish for you a happy, happy birthday!
Heavenly Father, thank You for Jessica. Bless her with Your Presence. You
know all about the adoption of Elmise and Armon. All the paper work, the waiting, the thousands of dollars, the love, the preparation, etc. I praise You because You are In Control, You are Sovereign, and You are Love. Please be with Jessica as she deals with the stress of all the details. Give her a good day filled with Your Presence. I love her as my daughter-in-law and You love her more.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica. May all your dreams and wishes come true SOON. Love, your auntie in law, Lorraine

Buckaroo said...

happy birthday aunt jessica i hpoe you had a great time!