Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dan, Dan, The Mattress Man

There was a big sale going on down at The Mattress Warehouse. Dan, Dan, the mattress man said so! If we could get 63 folks to hold up signs advertising the sale for four hours, he'd give $2500 to the adoption fund for Elmise and Armon! Jerry and I were camping but if I could get someone to come up with me I'd come to help out. Three friends agreed! So we met at 6:30 AM and were here by time for coffee and donuts before heading out to a busy intersection to hold up our signs.

This picture is of my good friend, Ruth. She and her daughter's are in Michigan visiting. They live in southern Illinois!

This is Lydia. She's ten and has pretty red hair!

Here is Lauren, she also has very pretty hair.

This is Dave. There were six of us at this intersection.

My friend, Pam, always has a smile for everyone!
Even though we didn't make the 63 mark, 40 some folks showed up to hold up signs, Dan still gave $2500 to the adoption fund!
Lord, thank You for Dan, Dan, the Mattress Man making such a generous offer toward the adoption.Thank You for the good weather for us. Thank You for all who came.


carole said...

Wish we could have been in Michigan.. I would have LOVED to hold a sign.. and Tim too !!!

pondering something said...

It was very kind of him to give the full amount even though his conditions were not met.