Monday, July 13, 2009

Good times with friends

Ed & Darlene, Irma (Darlene's mother), and Tyler, grandson.
When we were first married Irma was one of our neighbors, she had four little girls who loved to come over to visit! They were Karen, Darlene & Marlene (twins), and Becky.

Jerry, myself, Tom, and Marilyn.

This belongs to Chris!

Judy, Reiny & Sigi.

Ramses and Sherry visiting with me. In the background Joan, Fran, Rob, Harold, Maxine.

Pastor Dave, Chris, Laura, and Donna.

Next door neighbor from our old neighborhood, Carolee, visiting with Ted. He and her son, Mike, were best friends when they were boys!

I'm visiting with good friend, Lin. He's not well and we were so pleasantly surprised when he and His wife, Maxine, came walking into the yard! We actually had three folks come with walkers! Ruth, Fran, and Lin! Back yards are not the best places for walkers!

Here I see Dawn, Tom, Jerry, and Emma.

Another picture of our good friend, Lin. There are more friends who didn't get into a picture but we have their names in the guest book. We're so thankful for everyone who came, who sent flowers, who wished us well on facebook or by e-mail.

Lord, I thank You for all our friends.
Lord, one of Your blessings to us is friends. Thank You!

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pondering something said...

Wow, you have been busy posting! What a fun party! Great job Mom.