Monday, June 30, 2008


This is the underneath side of a clematis growing up inside the bell beside our front porch. I'm surprised it bloomed because it doesn't get any sun under there! I tried to guide the vines as they grew but somehow this one stayed up inside the bell. You can also see my camera is not doing well. I've got to take it in to see if it's a minor or major problem. I may end up with a new camera, which I would like, but this isn't the right time to be spending money on camera's. So, we'll see. Lord, thank you for the beautiful flowers. Thank you for the technology of camera's, especially digital camera's. Please give me wisdom and the finances to take care of this problem. You know how I need a camera for the newsletter so I can't really go without one. In other words, Lord, it's not just for pleasure that I need a good camera. Thank you for understanding.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


What a day! We started out with an excellent service this morning. with our assistant pastor speaking. Today was his last Sunday with us. I think I've mentioned before that he and his family are moving north where he'll be a senior pastor. It's sad for us but good for them. That churches gain is our loss. We're good friends and so glad for e-mail. He asked to stay on the e-mailing list of the newsletter so they can know what going on here in their old church.

This afternoon we went to a missions service of several folks who've recently been to a mission field. Jamaica and Haiti were the two countries featured. It was very good and very informative. There was also a good turnout, expecially for Sunday afternoon. Rob, our son, told about his recent trip to Haiti to meet Elmise and Armon, the two children they're adopting. He did good.

Then this evening we went to the community hymn sing. It's every time there are five Sundays in a month, so the next one will be in August. It's made up of many denominations. It was a very enjoyable evening of singing hymns, listening to instrumental music, and special singing. Afterwards there is a fellowship time with coffee and cookies.

Thank you Lord, for a good day. The good Christian fellowship we've had today has been very good. Thank you for Pastor Shane, Mary, and Hannah and for the years they've lived here. Thank you for our friendship.
Thank you for the service this afternoon, especially for helping Rob, but also for helping the others who shared too.
Thank you for the good hymn sing we went to this evening. I like the choruses we sing now days but it's so good to sing the old hymns too. We feel so blessed as we sing and listen to the special music. We are truly worshipping You.

A Week Late

Oh, alright, I'll wait a week...the newsletter that I write is due today. Last night I had to make a decision because I'm just not ready. I've been working on it but I've been soooo busy. I could stay up all night doing the last minute details on it and printing it out or I could wait a week and do it up right. I was advised to wait a week or I'd never be satisfied with it. So...until next week...

Lord, help me as I finish the newsletter now in the next couple of days. Thank you for this privelege of writing Prime Time News. Help me to do my best. I love you, Lord.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


It's very quiet here! Our last company left today about 2:00 pm. We had looked forward to our family coming here for so long and now they're all gone. I can hardly believe it. Time goes so quickly. It was so good to have everyone here. I worked so hard cleaning and fixing up before they arrived and now...I've got to clean everything. It's quite a mess here! But it'll get done. I won't have any pressure this time, except from myself. Well, Jerry has gone to bed and I'm about to go. It's so quiet here! Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

MG Milestone

The MG has hit 100,000 miles! Yesterday Jerry and Ted went for a ride and the odometer turned over to 5 zero's! So now we'll start over! It runs good for it's years and it's miles!
Thank you, Lord, for the MG and the pleasure we get from it. Thank you for all your blessings to us.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Reaction time

What is your reaction time? Mine isn't real great. Here's a fun, addicting game to play to check out your reaction time! Try it, just remember it's addicting! But it's so fun. By the way, I'm a bobbing bobcat!

Lord, my reaction time is slow. Help me to be alert when I'm driving.

Soft Boiled Egg on Toast

I learned how to make soft boiled egg on toast when I was in high school from my brother-in-law, Bob. I was asked about it in a comment so I'll give instructions here. By the way, Jerry loved it this morning, my first time to fix it for him. I usually have it when he takes one of our kids out for breakfast!

Boil enough water to cover egg. After it begins to boil put egg in. Set timer 4 minutes. Make toast. When timer dings run cold water over the egg to stop the cooking and cool it enough to handle. Strike the egg with the edge of a knife to break it, then scoop out the egg on the toast. Enjoy! Mmmmmm! Thank you, Lord, for good tasting, nourshing food.

Are You Sleeping?

Are you sleeping, Kaleb? Actually he is, Sydney took this picture of Kaleb. She said it was only fair to take Kaleb sleeping because I've taken pictures of my granddaughter's sleeping. Whatever...
Lord, thank you for Kaleb. guide him, watch over him. love him.


This morning I felt like I was running a restaurant! Even though I get up early I'm a very slow mover in the morning. First I have coffee and then breakfast is a slow awakening time for me. This morning it was a tough! Sydney is learning how to make soft boiled egg on toast so I had to be patient and guide her. Bella just wanted fruit loops. Yeah!!! I can do that! Haleigh wanted scrambled eggs and toast with jelly. Jerry wanted to try soft boiled egg on toast for the first time so I made them for both of us, plus bacon for him. Juice for everyone. As I finally sat down to eat my egg I announced: the restaurant is closed!!! God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. By His Hand we all are fed. Give us, Lord, our daily bread. Amen.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Tribute To My Dad

What More Could Any Little Girl Want?
Through most of my childhood it seemed my daddy was gone away more than he was home. During those years he traveled as an evangelist. As I look back, I remember the warm, secure feeling I experienced when he was home for a few days, after having been gone for two or three months—a feeling all warm and cozy as I went to bed at night. After all, my daddy was home! What more could any little girl want?
On the day of his arrival home, excitement ran high. And always, after things settled down to a fairly normal pitch, he would open his big, black suitcase and take out a present for each of us. He never forgot!
It’s a natural thing to want to share all the days events with the ones we love. I used to store
in my mind all the wonderful, exciting things Molly, my best friend, and I discovered as we played. But, somehow, I never seemed to have a chance to tell Daddy all the things that are so important to a little girl of seven. I still remember the day when it all came to a head.
Daddy had come home again. My little brother was sitting on his lap, my older brother and sister were competing for his attention. I waited for my turn as long and as patiently as I could, but suddenly I could wait no longer. I stomped my foot and shouted, “It’s my turn to talk to Daddy!” Everyone stopped talking and looked straight at me in complete surprise. I’m still not sure whether I or the rest of the family were more startled. There was complete silence for a few seconds, then Mother came to the rescue.
“Okay,” she said, “Everyone be quiet now and let Anita talk.”
But in that very moment, all those big, important, wonderful things I had stored up in my mind to share with Daddy, suddenly became very small, and I found I had nothing to say at all. Everyone was waiting to hear what I had to tell, but all I could do was stand there. Two big tears began to trickle down my cheeks. Then Daddy’s long arms reached out and folded around me. I began to sob. Tears flowed freely. Then as he held me close, I stopped crying, and that warm, wonderful, secure feeling spread through me again. After all, my daddy was home! What more could any little girl want?

Thank You Lord, for my dad, and for my mother. Thank you for the Christian legacy they gave me. Thank You for my brothers and sister and for the family that we all make up. I miss my dad, Lord. Thank You for the promise of eternal life.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Late last night the phone rang as I was sitting reading. It was Shauna and Tim. They had arrived safely at her parents in Saskatchewan, Canada. They made the trip in two days, we always take three. It's our age! They'll be in Sask. until during August, then back to Malaysia. When we said good-bye it was good-bye for almost a year. It was tough. In May of 2009 we'll be going to Kaleb's high school graduation! We can't miss that! So we'll see them in almost a year. Then in 2010 they'll come as a family again so we'll have another family time with everyone. But in two years time a lot of changes can come along, so we can't say it'll be the same. Life doesn't stand still. Oh yes, we'll probably even have our two new grandchildren by then!

Today as we were getting ready for the tea party we suddenly saw deer in the back yard! There were four or five of them-all sizes! It's always so exciting. Bella said, "Oh, that was so awesome!" And she was right, it was so awesome.

Our assistant pastor, Shane and Mary and Hannah will soon be moving to northern Michigan to become senior pastor. We'll sure miss them. We're happy for them but sad for our loss! I don't know who will take his place. He's got big shoes to fill.

Lord, thank you for the good time we had with our family. Thank you for the safe trip Tim and family had driving to Sask. and for all the others driving to and from their homes. Thank you for the delightful tea party and for the deer we saw this morning. Thank you for Pastor Shane and his family. Please be with them as they make the adjustments to a new town and church and position. Bless them real good!

Tea Party #2

My granddaughters wanted another tea party! Alright! It was just Sydney, Isabella, our neighbor, Patricia, and myself. It was very nice. The girls cleaned the deck so we could have an outside tea party. They just finished when a breeze came up and blew pods and pine needles in and bees began buzzing around so we decided to move inside the sun room. Picture #1 shows the four of us enjoying our time together. #2 is just another view. #3 shows the table all set up and ready for us. We used my Bone China again and the little Brazilian spoons. I made a jelly roll and Miss Patricia surprised us with scones with a delicious spread that tastes like lemon merainge pie! I served apple cinnamon spice tea again. Everything was so nice and so good. The girls were so grown up and so good. It was a very pleasant afternoon! Lord, thank you for good times and memories.


Another day, today. What shall we do today? This morning I will bake and clean house. The deck needs swept. This afternoon Sydney, Bella, and I will have another tea! We've invited a friend. I'll write about it later. Haleigh was also going to be a part of the tea but she has other plans, so we'll miss her. Syd and Bella will be helping me get things ready. It's a special time. Lord, help us to appreciate each other. Thank you for special times, for granddaughters, and for friends.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Miller! Wow! I can't believe you're 11 years old! I was there when you were born! I went down and stayed for three whole weeks! Grandpa was here building our house, that was 11 years ago! You're a fine grandson and getting so tall! We're so glad you got to come and visit while our whole family was here. I know you had fun riding our old bike. We have a good long driveway for riding. Oh yes, the go-cart too. Have a great day today and this weekend when you have your party. I love you. Lord, thank you for Miller. He's a fine boy. Watch over him as he grows into a teenager and then a man. Help him to seek after You.

Fun with cousins!

Bella and Syd in the trailer, Haleigh on the seat and Annie driving! Look out everyone! Here they come!

Bella, Haleigh, and Syd posing in the pool! Father, thank you for all the fun the cousins had together. Please keep Your Hand upon them.

Fun Zone

Shauna took two teen agers and two little girls to the fun zone one day. All ages can have fun at the fun zone! Thank you, Lord, for fun times.

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Over...

It's over. Our family time is over for another two years. Pam, Gene, Andrew, Gene's parents, Len and Gloria, all left yesterday after church. Ted left in the afternoon. Now this morning, just a few minutes after 7:00 Tim, Shauna, Annie, and Kaleb left, headed for Sask., Canada. Sydney and Isabella decided to stay for another week so they can go to Vacation Bible School this week! So Ted will be back again this coming weekend to get them. So the house won't be completely quiet, but most of the activity and noise is over. We're feeling very sad and at the same time we're so blessed to have had this time together with our whole family. Good byes are so hard. Thank you for Pam & Gene, Andrew and Matthew; Ted, Sydney, and Isabella; Tim & Shauna, Annie and Kaleb; Christy & Sean, Max, Megan, Miller, Mason, and Maddie; Rob & Jessica, Tyler and Haleigh. Please watch over each one of them. Keep them safe as they travel. Thank you for this time when everyone came together. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for our beautiful family.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today we got ready for company. Ted was coming back for his girls and Pam and Gene and Gene's parents were coming. We had everything looking pretty good. With so much company and so many grandchildren it's almost impossible to have the house in tiptop shape, but things were picked up and straightened up. Len and Gloria (Gene's parents) have never been here before so I wanted the house to look nice. Pam came walking in just a little after 12:00 noon and then Andrew came in!!! Andrew is our oldest grandchild, one who was missing last weekend! We had no idea he was coming. What a wonderful surprise! He lives in South Carolina and is only here for the weekend but what a great surprise!

Thank you, Lord, for Andrew! He's a wonderful grandson, so thoughtful and respectful. Please keep Your Hand on him. Draw him to Yourself. Help him as he makes decisions and plans.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sale, cont.

Oh what a day! These pictures don't really do justice for the amount of stuff that was displayed and sold. It was a big sale with lots and lots of donated items and all the proceeds going to the adoption fund. It was a lot of work (I didn't do so much, but the younger ones did) but also a lot of fun. We decided to give our fooz ball game table, which we had for our grandchildren but very seldom is played with and takes up space. A boy about 10 years old came to the sale and decided he should buy the fooz ball game. He paid for it and dragged it down the sidewalk several houses away. About an hour later the boy and his dad came carrying it back! The man explained that the boy had bought it without permission and they had no room for it so would we please take it back? Yes, of course. We all had a good laugh over that. I made some pretty major buys...a fake Christmas tree! We've always had a real tree for Christmas. We used to buy the tallest one we could find (because we have high ceilings), but the last few years we've been buying smaller trees (we're getting older) and setting them up on a table. Well, now I'm getting older and older so I bought an artificial tree! I still can't believe it. I sure hope we'll like it! I also bought an outside nativity set and a small inside nativity set! Remember...I collect nativity sets! I bought 2 teapots! I love teapots. The sale goes on again tomorrow. Some folks came because they saw the article in the paper and they wanted to help out the cause! This afternoon I came home and fixed a big fried chicken dinner for all the family. Thank you, Lord, for the funds that were taken in today to put in the adoption fund. Help folks to come again tomorrow and make more purchases. I love you, Father.

Big Sale!

Today and tomorrow are the days of the big sale. All the money made will go toward the adoption of Elmise and Armon, the Haitian siblings. Many, many items have been donated and it's a huge sale. If you live here I hope you'll go and buy! If you don't know where it is, check the newspaper, call our church, call Jessica's cell phone, call my cell phone, follow the signs, etc. You can try calling me at home, I'll be in and out all day. The sale isn't here but I've got granddaughters to keep up with so we'll be coming and going both days. Lord, please help with this sale. Thank you for all the items donated. Help people to come and buy. Please help this to be done for your glory.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Christy's family big black bus! It held their family of seven, + Gus, the puppy, and all their stuff! This was Tuesday, the morning they left to go home to Atlanta.
Yesterday and today it's so chilly out Jerry built a fire to take the chill out of the air. Poor Shauna is cold all the time. Coming from Malaysia, where it's very hot and humid, this is a big contrast. I'm going to make a big pot of chili this morning for our supper later. Tim wants my home made clover leaf dinner rolls to go with the chili! I've never made them to eat with chili before but I guess for Tim I can make them. There's a first time for everything! Lord, thank you for big vehicles, fires to warm us and good food to nourish us.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Our friend, Kelby, came over to enjoy our bonfire with us. #1 Kelby & Rob. #2 Mason & Kelby.

#3 Maddie eating water- melon.
#4 Mason & Christy. Lord, thank you again for family and friends and good times.

Fireworks Show by The Kids!

The kids put on this fireworks show for us. Uncle Sean furnished them and supervised! Dear Lord, thanks for good times and safe times.

All's quiet here

It's 6:35 AM and all is quiet here. Coffee is made and is brewing. Jerry and Tim are going out for breakfast when they wake up. Yesterday at this time I was stirring up a triple batch of pancakes for everyone to eat before Christy's family hit the road! She called late last night (after 11) to say they arrived home safely (Atlanta, GA). It was a different day yesterday, we missed them. Sunday, after dinner, Pam's family and Ted left for the week, but they'll be back Saturday - Matthew and + Gene's parents! Yesterday Shauna and Annie went shopping for some mother/daughter time together. I took Haleigh, Sydney, & Bella shopping. Jerry & Tim cut 4 trees down (it's their favorite thing to do together!), they had a brush fire going all day. Kaleb also helped them off and on. Today the plan is for the girls to go to the community center for swimming. It's a rather cool week, hopefully it'll warm up some. Monday night the girls (Haleigh, Megan, & Sydney) wanted to sleep in Haleigh's tree house, the temp was supposed to go down to the 50's F and it did! They took extra blankets! Well, they made it til about 3:00 AM! Then they scurried into Rob's house for the rest of the night. Lord, this is such a busy time. Please be with us and keep everyone safe. I love you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


#1 - Our five children: Rob, Pam, Ted, Christy, & Tim. #2 - Pam, Rob, me, Jerry, Ted, Christy, & Tim. Thank you, Lord, for our family. Thank you for helping us get together.

More Random Shots

#1 Pam. #2 Annie. #3 Miller. #4 Gus. #5 Bella & Miller. Thank you, Lord for family.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tea Party!

Picture #1 is Annie. #2 l-r Bella, Haleigh, Maddie, Grandma, Sydney, Annie, & Megan. #3 only shows Bella, myself, and Sydney. #4 Sydney, Annie, Megan, Bella, and Haleigh.

Picture #5 is Sydney, Annie, Megan, Bella & Haleigh. #6 is Bella, Haleigh, Maddie, & Grandma. #7 is Maddie! Her cup isn't bone china but it's a very special tiny cup and saucer.

Today was a special day for my six granddaughters and me. I’ve been planning a tea party for them for several months. I was a little worried that they wouldn’t be interested in drinking tea with Grandma. But they were so good and so excited. They got all made up and dressed up! While they were getting ready I was getting the dining room ready. A lace table clothe and Bone China! Nothing but the best for my granddaughters! When they came down stairs they picked out the cup and saucer each one wanted. I know I took a chance here but I decided if one ever got broken I would rather have it broken making good use of it and what better use than for my granddaughters! I made apple cinnamon spice tea in a pretty tea pot. It smelled so good! They put sugar and creamer in theirs with little tiny souvenir spoons from Brazil. I had tried to decide what to bake, but girls are so fussy about what they eat; then I tried to decide what to buy; I finally decided to go with what I know they like and what I had on hand. What would you guess? Twinkie’s and Hoho’s! I cut them into thirds and put them on a fancy plate. We called them crumpets! After we enjoyed our tea and crumpets I read the book You Are Special by Max Lucado. They listened so well and then we talked about what it means and how special each of them is. Then I read a second book to them Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney. It’s a delightful book about a girl whose grandfather had challenged her to do something to make the world more beautiful. Christy and Shauna took pictures of us. It was a very special time and I think they’ll always remember it. I know I will. Heavenly Father, today was a special day for Annie, Megan, Haleigh, Sydney, Isabella, and Maddie. Thank you for each one of them. Help them to remember they are very special to me, and especially to You their Maker.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

11 out of 13!

Eleven out of 13! Row one from the left side: Sydney, Haleigh, Megan (holding a photo of Andrew!), Mason, Isabella. Row two l-r Me (Grandma), Maddie, Annie, Grandpa, Miller. Row three l-r Kaleb, Max, and Matthew! Missing from the picture, but not from our hearts, Andrew and Tyler. Heavenly Father, thank you for our grandchildren. We love them so and we know that You love them even more!


One of two Petunia hanging baskets. Beautiful, unique Hibiscus! I counted 30 flower buds. This is the second one to open! Lord, I love your creativeness with the flowers, birds, insects, animals, people!

Great Lakes Loons!

Saturday night we all, 22 of us, went to the Great Lakes Loons baseball game. We got the lawn tickets so we took lawn chairs and blankets. It was fun and they won! Great Lakes Loons 5 & Lansing Lugnuts 1! After the game there were fire works. Great fire works! Picture #1 Rob & Jessica #2 - Maddie, is the sun in your eyes or your hair??? ###,3, 4, 5 just show our gang waiting for the game to start. Lord, thank you for fun relaxing family times.