Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Over...

It's over. Our family time is over for another two years. Pam, Gene, Andrew, Gene's parents, Len and Gloria, all left yesterday after church. Ted left in the afternoon. Now this morning, just a few minutes after 7:00 Tim, Shauna, Annie, and Kaleb left, headed for Sask., Canada. Sydney and Isabella decided to stay for another week so they can go to Vacation Bible School this week! So Ted will be back again this coming weekend to get them. So the house won't be completely quiet, but most of the activity and noise is over. We're feeling very sad and at the same time we're so blessed to have had this time together with our whole family. Good byes are so hard. Thank you for Pam & Gene, Andrew and Matthew; Ted, Sydney, and Isabella; Tim & Shauna, Annie and Kaleb; Christy & Sean, Max, Megan, Miller, Mason, and Maddie; Rob & Jessica, Tyler and Haleigh. Please watch over each one of them. Keep them safe as they travel. Thank you for this time when everyone came together. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for our beautiful family.

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