Friday, June 20, 2008

Sale, cont.

Oh what a day! These pictures don't really do justice for the amount of stuff that was displayed and sold. It was a big sale with lots and lots of donated items and all the proceeds going to the adoption fund. It was a lot of work (I didn't do so much, but the younger ones did) but also a lot of fun. We decided to give our fooz ball game table, which we had for our grandchildren but very seldom is played with and takes up space. A boy about 10 years old came to the sale and decided he should buy the fooz ball game. He paid for it and dragged it down the sidewalk several houses away. About an hour later the boy and his dad came carrying it back! The man explained that the boy had bought it without permission and they had no room for it so would we please take it back? Yes, of course. We all had a good laugh over that. I made some pretty major buys...a fake Christmas tree! We've always had a real tree for Christmas. We used to buy the tallest one we could find (because we have high ceilings), but the last few years we've been buying smaller trees (we're getting older) and setting them up on a table. Well, now I'm getting older and older so I bought an artificial tree! I still can't believe it. I sure hope we'll like it! I also bought an outside nativity set and a small inside nativity set! Remember...I collect nativity sets! I bought 2 teapots! I love teapots. The sale goes on again tomorrow. Some folks came because they saw the article in the paper and they wanted to help out the cause! This afternoon I came home and fixed a big fried chicken dinner for all the family. Thank you, Lord, for the funds that were taken in today to put in the adoption fund. Help folks to come again tomorrow and make more purchases. I love you, Father.

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