Monday, June 30, 2008


This is the underneath side of a clematis growing up inside the bell beside our front porch. I'm surprised it bloomed because it doesn't get any sun under there! I tried to guide the vines as they grew but somehow this one stayed up inside the bell. You can also see my camera is not doing well. I've got to take it in to see if it's a minor or major problem. I may end up with a new camera, which I would like, but this isn't the right time to be spending money on camera's. So, we'll see. Lord, thank you for the beautiful flowers. Thank you for the technology of camera's, especially digital camera's. Please give me wisdom and the finances to take care of this problem. You know how I need a camera for the newsletter so I can't really go without one. In other words, Lord, it's not just for pleasure that I need a good camera. Thank you for understanding.


Anonymous said...

When I hear about clematis vines I always think of my mother. She liked clematis a lot. It seems she had had surgery and there was a clematis vine there while she was recouperating that she enjoyed a lot. wk

ruth said...

Another beautiful picture Anita. I've been enjoying the flowers at my house as well. Have a great day!