Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today was a beautiful day. I hope, oh I hope, tomorrow will also be a beautiful day. I have bulbs to plant and other outside work to do. My wild flowers that I planted from my green puzzle never did come up. That was a big disappointment. But now I've got a flower bed all ready for me to plant tulip bulbs in! The sun will shine there next summer and so they should bloom.

I've been going to physical therapy for my sciatic nerve problem for three weeks now and have at least one more week to go. I'm feeling so much better, it definitely was worth going. But I just read a paper about my mom having sciatic nerve problems, a few years ago, and she was put in the nursing home so she would have complete bed rest! They even took her meals to her on a tray! I think she was in for about ten days. Now I'm doing all kinds of exercises and feeling so much better. I think I'd rather go to PT then lay in a nursing home, not able to get out of bed!!!

There's a kind of new song sung now quite often that really bothers me. I refuse to sing it. What a good God You've Been to me. Of course He's been a good God to me but that's not where the emphasis should be. A hymn or chorus or song should be about God not me. I'm sure the writer may have meant well but I think this puts too much importance on me, like I deserve all the good He's given to me. I don't know who wrote it or who recorded it. I just know when it's sung in our church, I can't sing along. Am I the only one who feels this way?  

I praise You, Father, because You are the Creator. I love the beauty of the mountains, the seas, the skies, the flowers, trees, birds, bees, fish, babies, color, knowledge, so much I can't even begin to name it all. Thank You for the beautiful fall season.
Thank You for my physical therapy and for touching  me. Thank You for the advancement of medical procedures. I praise You. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party Time!

Armon liked his motorcycle cake!
This was a fun birthday party for Armon and two of his buddies from school. It was chilly out so a fire was perfect to warm us while we roasted hot dogs and ate together outside. Then we went inside for cake and ice cream.  
After we ate cake and ice cream the kids went outside to play games in the tent.
They had a good time together.
Elmise, Armon, Addison, Jason played games in the tent!

Getting the fire going so we could roast hot dogs.
I've got the pictures in backwards again! Rob worked hard getting the fire going. It was chilly out so the fire felt good!
Lord, thank You for good family times. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Motorcycle Cake

Well, here is my feeble attempt at making a motorcycle cake for Armon! It took a lot of patience...! But I got it done. He's six years old now so I think he'll like it anyway.
Armon's motorcycle cake. He likes it!
Lord, thanks for helping me to make this look a little bit like a motorcycle. Help Armon to like it and to feel special. He is a very special little boy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday're on candid camera!
Happy Birthday, Max! You can get your driver's license now. I know you've been driving, but with restrictions. I know you're a good driver because you drove me all over town last time we were at your house. I was very impressed! I used this picture of you because: 1) it's the latest one I took of you; 2) it shows how tall you must be; 3) it shows your good looks! When you were here in July, you were 6'2". Have you grown more since then? I wouldn't be surprised...  I'm very proud of you, for the great kid you are. I wish for you a great 16th birthday.
Dear Lord, thank You for Max. He's a great kid, with so much potential. Please keep Your Hand upon him as he plays lacrosse and runs in track and whatever sports he participates in. Watch over him as he drives. Guide him as he chooses friends and activities, etc. I love him and You love him even more.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

What a good looking boy!
Happy Birthday, Armon! You're six years old now! So many changes have taken place in your life this year. But you're a trouper! You have soooo much life, energy, love, enthusiasm, and fun in you. You bring a smile to my face just thinking about you! It's like a burst of energy suddenly comes into our house when you come through the door! I'm sitting here smiling at your picture! I love you, Armon, and wish for you a wonderful, exciting, happy birthday!
Lord, thank You for Armon. You must have a wonderful plan for his life to have brought him here to Michigan to grow up. Thank You for bringing him out of Haiti. Please watch over him, work out the plan You have for his life. Please keep Your Hand upon him. Help him to make good friends, to learn about You, and to also serve You. I love Armon and You love him even more!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Today we went to the funeral of a friend, Bob. I met Bob the same evening I met Jerry, 52 years ago! In fact, I was introduced to them both at the same time, by Bob's sister, Mary. He's the same age as I am, so he's old but not that old. His death was a shock to everyone. He had a very bad stroke just a week ago. It was a very good funeral, some tributes were given, favorite hymns of Bob's sung, there was some laughter as we thought back over the years, and a good message was brought by Pastor Roger. A very touching poem was read...that had been written by Bob, himself! We're left with the hope of seeing Bob again, someday when we leave this earth. There were lots of people there and it was sad to think of the reason we were all there but it was also good to visit and renew friendships. 
A nephew of Bob, of course was there with his family, and we all had a good laugh at him and with him! His wife and children were all dressed up, the two teenage boys wore black suits and looked so good! His daughter looked very nice and his wife was stunning. He, on the other hand, wore a short sleeved, cotton shirt, unbuttoned at the neck. I guess he was comfortable, but rather, out of place. He said he dresses this way to school every day. (He's a teacher) If his boys hadn't been so dressed up we probably wouldn't have noticed. But he really should have been dressed up for his uncle's funeral. My opinion...

My physical therapy for my sciatic nerve is getting more intense every time I go (twice a week). Today, it was moved up to this morning because of the funeral. I still have pain going down my leg, so I'm not sure they're hitting the problem. But we'll see. I'll do all my exercises tomorrow (four sets) and go back on Wednesday. One day I was measured for the strength in my back...I am above average! Now, how many of you can say that?! I didn't even know there was a way to measure strength in a back!!! And here I am above average! Well, I hope you're laughing with me...

Here's the latest report from Jessica about the adoption process. A week ago we were desperately praying for God to intercede with the governments and judges, etc. Now we're praising God for answered prayer!
one week ago I wrote to you asking you to please pray...  today I am asking you to please PRAISE!!!!!
We have heard from Washington... both children are catagory 1, meaning their adoption was processed in Haiti!  this is a miracle!  a miracle!!!!
when we spoke to the attorney who is helping us, she said... "I have news that will make you soar"... then she explained that after a complete file review, officer mock discovered that both children were in the same catagory... however last week... they were not.  do you have any idea what this means? 
please celebrate with us and do a little happy dance!
gratefully yours,
the A..... family

I lost my car key a month or more ago. Today Jerry found the sofa! I had looked there before but I think it got moved around with folks sitting and grandkids bouncing with energy! I'm just so thankful to have it back. 

I'm rejoicing. I praise You, Lord, because You are The Creator.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hot Air Balloons

One up and about ten going up! At one time I counted 45 all in the sky at one time. There were probably more!

Go Michigan!

I wouldn't want to go up in one but I love to watch them!

They are just so fascinating to me.


Bella and Grandpa resting!

Syd, doing two things at once: riding and taking split logs to the stack!

Bella taking logs to the stack.

Ted splitting the logs.
Last Saturday morning two trees went down! Our wood pile was added to by quite a lot! Ted did most of the work. Jerry, Bella, and Sydney helped carry the logs to the pile. That's a big job too. I was in the house working hard on the newsletter. It had to be printed and ready to hand out the next day.
Lord, thank You for the help of Ted, Syd, and Bella. We love You, Lord, and thank You for family.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Schwinn Bicycle Cake

Richard looking at his cake for the first time.

This is the cake I made for Richard's surprise birthday party. You see, one day we were reminiscing, over the phone, about our childhood days in Oklahoma. He got a used Schwinn bike!

It had no fenders so he bought Chrome fenders and put on it. He was just a kid but he had a job at the newspaper downtown. This was in the 40's so bikes were a little different then today's bikes. I decided to try to make a bike for his birthday cake. My attempt is very crude but it worked.
I made two cake mixes. the wheels are two round white layers and the rest is cut out of a 9 by 13 chocolate cake. The tires and chain are black liquorice. The fenders and handle bars are heavy-duty aluminum foil. The spokes are heavy silver paper, cut in strips. The brand name is from scrapbook letters. It's very crude but Richard loved it and that's all that mattered.
It was a challenge to make this since I was staying with Richard and Cookie! But Richard has a radio program on Sunday evenings from about 5:30 to 11:30. So while he was gone I was baking cakes and also listening to his radio program! Cookie was also gone. I cleaned every thing couldn't tell anything was different by the time he came home. I even sprayed room deodorizer both upstairs and downstairs so he wouldn't smell anything yummy when he got home. I took the cakes and all the decorating paraphernalia downstairs to my bedroom where I worked on the creation of a bicycle cake! Like I said, it's very crude but it worked!
When Cookie arrived home she helped me with the last details, like the spokes, etc. Richard had some errands to run so while he was gone to town Cookie and I delivered the cake to the restaurant where the party was to take place. They kept it in the refrigerator for us until time to bring it out.
Lord, thank You for helping us surprise Richard with such a nice party. Thank You for helping me with the cake.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Party Time!

We had a wonderful time at Richard's birthday party! Lisa brought Mother up from Castle Rock. Richard was so surprised to see her! In fact Richard only thought we were going out for supper to his favorite restaurant. We told him Heidi (daughter) and her family was going to join us. Period...that's all he knew. When we arrived at the restauant there sat Mother and Lisa! Balloons, sent by Lorraine, were tied to a chair! They made it very festive! There were also some friends of Richard and Cookie. But I didn't get their pictures. They were very nice people.Lisa, Mother, and Heidi, two of Mother's granddaughters. Richard and Braden talking. Braden is a grandson of Richard and great-grandson of Mother. Heidi, Lisa, myself, and Kimberlynn!
Heidi's and Scott's beautiful children! Kimberlynn; twins: Courtney and Braden; and Jenna. I love this picture!
Dear Lord, thank You so much for my family. I praise You because You are love. I love each one and You love them even more!!!

More Pets

Meet Snickerdoodle! Cookie's cat. He's a very lovable cat. He even laid on my lap.

Cookie feeds peanuts to the squirrels. They even are brave enough to eat from her hand! She has named them and they seem to know her!

Lord, thank You for pets and other animals that provide entertainment!

Eating with Mother

I had a great time with my Mother last week in Colorado. The first picture here is the wonderful waitress with my mom. She really takes good care to see that everything is just right. She mixes Mother's coffee with hot chocolate, just the way Mother likes it. Everything is just right.
The next picture is me with Mother. We ate at a table out in the big room by our selves. It was much better than in the dining room with all the other residents. And we were treated like we were special! One day it was so beautiful out, so we ate outside on the deck.
This is one of the best nursing homes I've ever known of!

I was visiting with a lady who came by in her wheel chair. I asked what her name is and guess what?! It's Anita! We just sort of bonded as she took my hand and held it. She is quite frail and very quiet. So we were having a nice visit when I said that my husband let me come out to visit my mother. Oh my goodness...she came alive...HE LET YOU?  I said, "Yes, we love each other and he let me come out here to visit my mother." That kind of ended our little time together! I guess she must have had some issues with her husband. They were a childless couple and maybe that added to some stress.

Mother and I had a wonderful time together. We talked about times past and I wrote things down with my computer. I was there from morning til late afternoon for three days. We ate breakfast and lunch together. She still went about her daily schedule and just knew that I was there when she was finished with whatever she had to do. It was hard to say goodbye. But we had hopes that she would be able to go up for Richard's birthday on Tuesday.

There is a new system of loading pictures for my blog and I'm having a hard time getting used to it. So my pictures are not with the paragraphs written about them. Please be patient with me. The third picture is of the two Anitas.
The last picture is of my mom just before I left.

Lord, thank You for Mother. Thank You for the wonderful time we had together. Thank You for this wonderful clean nursing home.

Sun Set

This is the sunset from my plane window last evening as I flew home from Colorado! It looks like we're flying over the, we're flying over the bank of clouds! This was so beautiful!
Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are the Creator! Thank You for blessing us with such beautiful creativity!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Richard! I'm a day late with this but it's because I was with you yesterday, on your birthday! This picture is from your party! It was so much fun planning, trying to keep it secret, making your cake, etc. The best part of all, and I'm sure you agree, was having Mother at your party! She wanted to be there so badly and I'm so glad she was able to come. It was great of Lisa to bring her. Lorraine sent the fun balloons even though she couldn't be there.
So you're a year older... Well, I'm almost a year older too. Thanks for being my big brother...I love you.
Lord, I praise You because You invented families. You created us. Thank You for Richard. Thank You for the good time we had at his party. Thank You for Heidi and all the work she went to on top of moving at the same time. Please continue to touch Richard's body and give him strength. I love him and You love him even more.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Meet Justin

Meet Justin and Valerie. Justin is my great nephew. The word great applies here in two ways...great nephew because he is the son of my niece and nephew; great because he is a great kid! I'm proud to have him as a nephew. Valerie is his girl friend and seems to be a really sweet girl.
Heavenly Father, please watch over Justin. Guide him in this last year of high school. Please keep Your Hand upon him. Please also be with Valerie. Keep Your Hand upon her. Help them as a couple to be wise in their decisions. Bless them with Your Presence.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Cai Cai

Cai Cai is an Eclectus parrot that my niece, Lisa, rescued. He has lost most of his feathers but she loves him so he's doing much better now. He has a wicked squawk, that has nearly given me a heart attack several times in this visit!
Lord, again I thank You for our wonderful, fascinating pets.

Duke and Duchess

Duke and Duchess are two great dogs. Duke is a Great Dane, Duchess is a Miniature Schnauzer. Duke loves to sit on his friend's laps! I found out I'm a friend!
Lord, thank You for loving pets!

Fun Times

Fun in the pool!
Armon, Rob, Elmise, Haleigh
Thank You for fun times!