Monday, July 13, 2009

Friends who came to our open house

We have counted up ninty folks, both friends and family who came to our open house.

Our back yard was pretty full!

Jessica and Wanda.

Pam, , Pastor Dave, Pastor Eric, Susie, and Dave.

Bob and Duane discussing something?!

Lots of friends came: Harold, Penn, Joan.

Harold's mother, Ruth, is visiting with Donna.

Rob & Jessica are chatting with our neighbors: Larry, Patricia, Donna, and Bob. At the next table are Kevin, Allise, Nancianne, and Eric.
Jerry, Linda, Ruth, Harold, & Mary.

John and Jerry have found something funny.

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Joy Ziegler said...


I have so enjoyed looking at the photos from your special day. We wished so badly that we could be there. Sorry that we couldn't share in it with you, but you were definitely in our thoughts and we are so happy that you were able to share with so many people on such a BEAUTIFUL day! Looking forward to seeing you at camp!

Love you!