Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Silver Anniversary Aug 16, 1986

Happy Happy Anniversary, Tim and Shauna! Your silver anniversary! Can you believe it? I can't. God has blessed you. This picture is from the wedding, last summer, of Andrew and Katie. I wish we could have been to the celebration Annie and Kaleb had for you at the lake. We thought of you and even talked about you with each other and with the Lord! We're very proud of you and wish you many, many more happy years.
Lord, thank You for blessing Tim and Shauna with 25 years of marriage. Please continue to bless them. Watch over them, guard their marriage, give them good health. I love them so much and You love them even more.

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Family Camp 2010 & 50th Anniversary committee said...

Thanks for this great post, Mom! You never miss a special occasion. We had a good day - quite uneventful really but did go out for lunch and to a movie last night. Love and hugs to you and Dad.