Thursday, August 18, 2011

Journal 7/18/11

Oh where to begin... 

Grandma's School. Success! Armon and I worked all summer studying to bring him up to where he could be moved up to 1st grade. We made it! He was tested one day and he passed the test! We've ended for the summer but I'll continue helping him after school each day with his homework.

Plaid. He was the little Shih Tzu next door. I loved him and he loved me. I was the dog sitter whenever Rob's family went away (almost every time). Grandma S. kept him while we all went to family camp. The last time I was with him was one afternoon when Rob asked if I'd let him out about noon for a little while. They'd be back about 5:00. I did go over. Instead of tying him outside, I took him for a walk. On the way back it started sprinkling so we stopped at our house instead of continuing over to their house. He stayed all afternoon. It was delightful! He loved to sit in a chair or on a foot stool in the sun room and just look out the windows, usually falling asleep for a nap. I held him part of the time and just petted him and talked to him. It was a sweet time. I took him back home about 4:30. Little did we know that would be our last time together. This last Sunday evening he, somehow, slipped outside and no one realized it. He ran down the road and was hit by a car. I miss him so much...

Visitors. I've had two visitors recently that were very special. Philipp was a student of mine back when he was in 1st grade to about 3rd grade! Now he's a man. He wrote to me saying he was in our town working for the summer and asked if we could get together! It was great! We visited and reminisced over an American supper! He's very International! He brought pictures of his sister's wedding. She had also been my student all those years ago.
Then this week Philipp's mother came for coffee! She and Philipp's dad were here visiting Philipp for a few days. What a delightful visit we had! I got out the Bone China for coffee and cookies! 

Heavenly Father, thank You for the privilege of working with Armon. He's a bright little boy, he just needed some help getting started. Please guide him through life. Help him as he begins 1st grade.
Thank You for Plaid and for giving me that last afternoon with him. I loved him so much and even though he was a dog You cared for him.
Thank You for my friends, Philipp and Gabi. Please watch over them with all the traveling they do all over the world.  They are so special to me and even more so to You.


Chuck and Sue said...

I rejoice with you over the goal you accomplished with Armon. And how wonderful to celebrate friendship with friends. You made it special indeed, with your bone china. I also cry with you over the loss of Plaid. He sure gave you joy. I will miss hearing about him too. I wanted to remind you again, how very much I love reading your blog. I feel a special friendship with you, even though we have not seen you. I know some day we will. Blessings to you and your family. You are a blessing.

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