Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Friends

Meet Tracy and daughter's, Jocelyn and Katey. Tracy and my Christy were good friends growing up. Katey and Sydney were in the same cabin at horse camp. What would we do without good friends? Lord, thank You for our friends. They are a wonderful blessing from you. Bless Tracy and her family. Guide them and keep them.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Deer and a Puppy!

Today I had tied our little dog, that I'm dog sitting, in our back yard. He'd been barking just a little bit, not a lot, but now he stopped, so I looked out to make sure he was okay...He was standing very still and staring at something. I looked up and to my amazement, there stood a deer staring at him! They both stood there, not moving, just staring at each other! Then a different sound broke their trance and the deer slowly moved on! It would have been a great photo! I missed it. It was so weird or funny or something, I'm not sure what! Lord, thank You for letting us see this today. It was so different and interesting. Thank You for creating the animals.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dog Sitting!

I'm dog sitting this week! What a sweet little dog! But he's very lonely... I go over first thing in the morning to let him out. I tie him and then come back home. Later I go back and either put him back in the house or walk around with him for a bit. Today we walked around and came over here to our yard. I sat in our yard swing and let him wander around. I'm holding the end of his leash. It's one of those that expands to give running space or I can bring him up close and tighten it so he can't go far. It's a great invention! Now he's back in the house, resting I hope. Later I'll go get him again so we can go for a walk. He takes a lot of my time, but you know, I love dogs! So I'm enjoying him very much. Thank you, Lord, for pets, especially dogs. Help me as I dog sit this week that I'll do a good job.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun At The Beach!

Afternoons were free family time. The weather was perfect for going to the beach. It's our own private lake so it's perfect for family camp. Well, no, it's not perfect. It's not very clean! The kids sure have fun though. Sydney and Bella are there somewhere in picture #1 but I have no idea where! I would spot them every now and then so I knew they were okay. #2 shows the blob! I hear it's great fun! I admit it looks fun...I'll never know for sure! You climb the ladder to the platform and then jump off. When you land a person is waiting at the end of the blob to be thrust up and out and down into the water! Oh yeah, lots of fun!!!

Picture #3 is Kelby. Are you working, Kelby? I don't think so! Picture #4 is Kelby working. He's the EMT for the camp. He gets lots of calls from folks who need medical help. His lights on top are blinking, can you see them? He turned them on just for this picture! He's a very good friend. How I thank You, Lord, for this wonderful camp that we enjoy every year. Help us not to take it for granted but to do our part to help support it. Many children come here every year and learn about you, as well as teenagers, and adults. You are here, Lord. I praise You for Your abiding presence.

This and That...

Well, hello! I just need to write a bit with no pictures, just put down my thoughts. Last Sunday was a super Sunday. It was the first Sunday of family camp, Pastor Dave preached and did a splendid job! His sermon was Like Christ in my Attitude. I'd better stop right here and say that I went to camp with a kind of bad attitude! You see, we always have special speakers for camp and they are always so good. But this year, pastors in the conference were scheduled to speak each evening. Oh man, was I disappointed! I didn't have a very good attitude! Well, Pastor Dave set the bar very high the very first day! The topics for the rest of the week were: Like Christ in my Impact; my Honesty; my Openness; my Obedience; An Atmosphere of Christ. A different pastor each evening. I must say it was a very good week! My attitude was changed...
Mornings we heard Troy and Angela during the missions hour. They were excellent! I have a very deep respect for them. Dr. Bruce led the Bible study each morning and he was excellent, too. I walked home each noon feeling so enriched. He's the senior pastor in Lansing.

I actually had several folks ask me if our pastor always preaches like he did Sunday morning or if it was just an unusually good sermon because he was in front of the whole camp! I assured them he always preaches that good! We are fed spiritually every Sunday. I thank God for Pastor Dave.

There were six of us, in our small group, there on Sunday so we decided to meet and discuss the morning sermon. We had a very good, lively discussion. Pastor Dave had printed copies of his sermon available for anyone so we had those to refer to; there were also questions at the end for discussion. What more could a small group ask for?!

Jessica brought the bags we had worked so hard making and I advertised and showed them off to anyone interested. Also the fake Oakley sunglasses. I actually made $340.00! This all goes in the adoption fund. We showed pictures of the children and Rob & Jessica & kids to all who came, and they were all so interested. Some made donations.

You can pick up on the friends, activities, etc. on my blogs. Oh yes, about half way through the camp I found out that the camp office has wireless internet!!! Yeah! I went up afternoons and checked e-mail and blogs and wrote a few blogs myself. It's so good to have a lap top computer!

Thank You, Lord, for family camp! While it's so different from camp meeting, that I grew up attending, it's relevent to our lives today and very worth while going to. Thank You so much.
Thank You for the pastor's who spoke each evening. Thank You for the missionaries and the Bible study leader. Thank You for the fellowship we had with friends, young and older. Thank You for my personal relationship with You.

More Good Friends!

Meet Steve and Jenny, Jade and Lily! More good friends and they are also the ages of some of our children! Steve is the son of one of our former pastors! But not the same pastor as my friend, Ruthie! Steve is holding Lily and Jenny is with Jade. Steve is now also a pastor. He's having some physical problems and is going through tests, so I'm praying for him especially now. They were at camp for only a couple of days so I was lucky to get these pictures. Lord, thank You for Steve and Jenny and their beautiful little girls. You are our Healer. I praise You. Please touch Steve in the way You know he needs. Thank You for Your Love, Power, and Grace.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Meet Ruth, Ruthie to me! She is a blogger friend. Well, she's actually more than that. She's a person I've known for many years but we lost track of each other for many years. She lived here for four years as a child, they moved away when she would have entered 3rd grade! Her daddy was our pastor! So she's the age of some of my children, but we're still very good friends. We got reacquainted through blogging! I must tell you that Ruthie has a very deep commitment to God. He has seen her through a very tough year. She lost her husband to cancer a year ago and is trusting God to keep her two daughter's and herself and to lead them through life. So far it's been an incredible journey. We've been blogging and commenting to each other and she came to camp! No, she didn't come to see me, her family all live here, and her dad is the camp director! She lives in Illinois so it was great to see her. We had a few times to visit. The evening before we came home she came over with a bowl of fresh blue berries! She had gone berry picking with her family in the afternoon and decided to share with us! How sweet! Thank you, Ruthie! So, life goes on. Tomorrow she and her daughter's and MaryAnne's family, and Jim's family are all going on a vacation. Have a great family time together! Then she goes back to Illinois. I'm so glad for the few days we were both at camp. Lord, thank You for the time Ruthie and I got to have together. She's such an inspiration to me. Please continue to bless her and guide her. It's not easy to raise daughters without their father. Bless them with Your presence.

Family Camp 2008

What a good time we had with friends! #1 shows a camp fire with Johnathan, Dee, Penn & Joan. #2 is the annual, traditional, wonderful, delicious pancake breakfast at Penn's and Joan's camper! Tom helped this year. Everyone looks forward to the pancake breakfast and some get up and come over, still in pajama's, half asleep but soon wake up to eat the delicious pancakes, sausages, juice, and coffee. Joan made special sausage balls...delicious!!! Thanks, Penn and Joan! Rob & Jessica drove down just for breakfast!

#3 is a photo of Beth & Jim, Tim & Barb, & Jerry. They all came over to our camper just to visit and have a cup of coffee. #4 is a picture of day camp. The kids loved it. This picture shows Bella 3rd on the left, pink shorts and a tan shirt. #5 is Bonnie (Joy's mom) and Olivia bringing home made ice cream to us! Olivia's mom, Joy, made the ice cream and invited us over to have some but before we went over they came bringing it to us! So many teens showed up at Joy's camper they decided to desert them and come to our camper! Besides we had fresh blue berries! I'll tell you about them in a later blog! Lord, how I thank You for the good times we had at family camp! There was never a dull moment.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Again!

#1 is Kelby as the EMT person. #2 is during the Sunday pot luck dinner. L-R is Mary, Harold, Dave, Jim, Naomi, Emmie, & Bob. #3 is one of the horse drawn wagons that transported folks to the auditorium. We had a really good week but home is always soooo good! We've been at family camp for a week, a very good week! We had Sydney and Isabella with us and we all got along fine. The first three days Sydney was at the Buckaroo Camp. I posted pictures of her there. Then she joined Bella, Jerry, and me for the rest of the week. Kid's camp was every morning 9-11:30 and every evening from about 7:30-8:30. The girls loved it! Ted came this morning to pick them up. They were so glad to see their daddy! I have a few pictures to post so you can see something of where we were and what we did. I'll be writing more as the days go by. It's soooo good to be home! Thank You, Lord, for a very good week of Christian fellowship, Bible studys, missions meetings, Kid's camp, etc.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jessica! It's a great time to celebrate your ending of schooling! You're a RN now, right? Congratulations! Happy Birthday! You must be flying high right about now! We'll see you in the morning for breakfast. Have a great, happy, happy birthday! Lord, thank you for Jessica. She's a good person, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, friend. They have so much going on now in their lives. Bless her in her role as wife, mother, nurse, etc.

More Buckaroo pics

Sydney made a friend...Katey. #1 is Katey on her horse. #2 is Katey and Sydney, time to say good-bye. #3 is Sydney showing us her horse, Lily. Lord, thank you for good times and good friends.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Buckaroo Camp for Sydney!

Sydney went to Buckaroo Camp! We went to their shodeo! It started out, as you can see, with a flag ceremony. Picture 2 is Sydney on her horse, Lily. picture 3 shows Kaitlyn, Sydney, Laken, Lauren, Alli, Katey, Allice, Lauren, Morgan, and Diamond. We wrote the names so Sydney would remember them later! She had a great time and is ready to go again next year! Thank You, Lord, for these wonderful opportunities for kids today. Thank You for wonderful Christian camps.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Can't Believe It!

I had some old friends, MaryAnne, Ruth Ann, and Kelby, stop by to visit. It was so good of them and we had such a nice visit. I say old friends because I’ve known them since the ‘70’s. However, they’re the ages of some of my children. I’m the one who is old! Well...not yet. I won’t be old until the end of October when I have my birthday! I’ll be reaching a turning point in my life this year! I can’t even believe I’ll be there. I remember the last turning point...50 years. I wasn’t supposed to turn 50! It was always off in the future. You know, kind of way ahead on the horizon. Always ahead of me but I would never quite get there...until one morning I woke up and there I was...50! So it’s going to happen again. Only this time it’s old age! How in the world did I get here? I don’t know. I can’t even believe it! Oh, I’m sure my children believe it! Probably my friends who stopped by to visit believe it. My grandchildren believe it! Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are Life. Thank You for giving me life. Thank You for giving me Eternal Life through Your Son, Christ Jesus! Help me to live my life pleasing to You. Please help my family, friends, neighbors, and others I meet here and there, to see Christ in me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Oh my, what a time we're having. Yesterday about 4:30 PM we lost our power! Living in the country means when the power goes out we also have no water. Oh boy, did we feel stranded. Last night about nine o'clock there was a knock on the door...Rob and Jessica had gone to town for something and stopped to buy hot fudge sundays. Mmmmm were they good. In the morning we went out for breakfast and then to help out with the garage sale for helping with the adoption. Still no power. Jerry came home, he wasn't feeling real great. About 3:30 PM today the power came back on! Yeah! I came home from the garage sale sun burned and dead tired. I took a shower and we went out for supper. While we were gone ...the power went out! It was out until about 9:00 PM! So it's back on now. Jerry's had a hair cut and shower and is in bed. I'm going very soon. I just wanted to write this to explain where I've been.
Lord, thank you for our electrical power. We're so used to it, when we don't have it, we don't know what to do! Thank you for helping the men to get it restored for us and for the other hundreds of folks who were also without power. I praise You because You are Power.

Monday, July 14, 2008


These beautiful lilies are actually Easter lilies from years past! Why don't they stay white? Can someone solve my mystery? Every year I plant my Easter lilies so I have quite a few now and they are all yellow. They're beautiful but I wish they were still white! Lord, thank You for the beauty of lilies, no matter what color.


I hate a dripping faucet! But I've got one. We also have ticking clocks! The clocks I don't mind, in fact, I don't even notice them ticking away. But my kitchen faucet dripping...drives me crazy! We don't want to buy new because we're supposedly getting city water soon, (a few months) so we'll get new then. In the meantime, if I keep the faucet in the middle so the drips hit the divider between the two sinks it doesn't make noise. It still drips but I can't hear it. The problem is I don't always remember to put the faucet in the middle until I'm in the living room sitting down with my computer or reading or watching TV or... So the faucet is still dripping and the clocks are still ticking. Lord, please give me patience. I do thank you for our water. It's very irritating to listen to dripping. Help me to be patient until we get our new water system.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday morning

After taking a break from the interviews on Wednesday, yesterday I worked on writing. I'm almost done with both stories. I hope I can do them justice. It's a real privilege for me to get a glimpse into folk's lives. I can't print everything I'm told...some is just too personal. But what a privilege for Jerry and me to sit and listen to folks reminisce.

Last evening I visited with Lorraine on the phone. I miss her. We always have very long conversations, like at least an hour, usually longer. We laugh a lot! Sometimes we get very nostalgic and talk about our childhood. We both love dolls to this day and we both still have dolls! We both miss our dad so much. Sometimes we're very serious in our talking. We don't always agree but that's okay. We try to understand. I love you, Lorraine.

Today is another day. We're supposed to get severe thunder storms this afternoon. I've got to go to the store this morning. This evening we have an open house of a good friend to attend. I sure hope the weather clears up...

My Hibiscus plant is still putting out new flowers. One day this week it had eight big dark pink flowers blooming! I have another Hibiscus plant that hasn't had a flower on it in two years. Jerry has even told me to throw it away! How can I throw something away that is still living? now has at least two buds on it! I'll let you know when they bloom! I'm very excited about it!

I bought some little dolls to add to my international doll collection. My neighbor is having a garage sale. She has such nice things! Lots of dolls...I could go crazy but I absolutely can't. The dolls that I bought were an Amish boy and girl!; a Haitian girl; and a Canadian Native American.

I need to get going for the day. We've had breakfast, read our chapter for the day, and I can hear Jerry out pounding so I want to go check on whatever he's doing! Oh...he's splitting wood!

Lord, how can I thank You for all Your blessings to me and to us. Thank you for friends who are willing to share their life stories with us. Thank you for Lorraine. Thank you for my Hibiscus plants. Thank you for the blessings of my international doll collection. It serves as a reminder to me to pray for our friends around the world. Thank you for this day. Help us as we work and play and enjoy friends.

Sweet Maddie!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My wheel barrow of impatient's

This is Jerry's old wheel barrow that I begged off him before he put it out for the garbage truck. Every year I plant a few inpatient's in it. It's in a shady part of our yard but that's what it needs. It looks so good looking at it in the real, instead of in a photo. I wish you could all see it for real. Well, we're enjoying it anyway. Jerry told me I should take a picture of it so you know it's good when he thinks it's worth a picture! Lord, thank you for the beauty of flowers. I praise You, because You are the Creator.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Gene! What are your plans for the day? I'm assuming you'll have to go to work...but then what? Is Pam planning a big party for you? Are you going out for dinner? Whatever you're doing, I wish for you a very happy birthday! You're a good son-in-law. We're looking forward to our big trip together! It'll be here before we know it! I'll do my best to behave myself! :) Thanks again for doing all the work of making the arrangements. Have a great day and happy, happy birthday! Lord, thank you for Gene. He's a good husband and father and son-in-law. Guide him, bless him, protect him. Give him a good day. Draw him close to Yourself.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Smiley Face

The smiley face cake I put in the header is one I made for Rob's birthday several years ago. Jessica had invited a few friends over and wanted me to make a cake. I've made a few smiley face's since then but they haven't turned out quite as good as this one., God loves you!

A New Day

Today is a new day! Last night I went to bed completely exhausted! Brain fried! No, I'm not on drugs. I did two interviews yesterday. If you ever hear of me doing two in the same day again, please remind me that's it's not a good idea. Interviews are fun, interesting, stimulating, fascinating, and revealing! brain can only take in so much information and I was forcing it yesterday! Oh, by the way, these interviews are for the newsletter I write bi-weekly. Last night I went to sleep for several hours but then I was awake from 3:00 AM on. I tried praying but my mind wondered and I just couldn't concentrate. The coyotes were yelping so loudly and shrilly so I couldn't go back go sleep. I've been taking Haleigh to a police academy every morning this week leaving here at 8:30 but this morning her mom is able to take her. Yeah! I don't have to get moving so early, that's good on a day like today. I need to do some house cleaning today and let myself get caught up on life here. Heavenly Father, thank you for the privelege of writing the newsletter. Thank you for folks being willing to be interviewed. Help me to space them out better so I'm not mentally exhausted afterwards. Thank you for giving every person a story to tell. Life is so interesting and worth living. Thank you for Your Son. I praise You because You are Sovereign and You are Love.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Jessica called and said her Moon Flowers were blooming so I went over after 9:00 hoping to get a picture. They bloom at night! The second picture I forget what it's called. Jessica, help me out...
They are both beautiful and so different. I had my new camera set for evening. Lord, thank you for the uniqueness of Your Creation.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Guy!

This is Jerry with his '69 MG at our friends house on the 4th of July. Harold, another friend, has a really nice new camera. I didn't even know he took this picture until he sent to to me a few minutes ago! Thanks, Harold! We had a really nice time with friends. Thank you, Lord, for good friends and for the technology of cameras.

A Good Day

This has been a good day. To start out, I had the newsletters ready to hand out. People love getting them so that starts my day out right.

Pastor Dave always has an outstanding sermon. I don't know how he does it, except to say the the Lord really speaks through him. Today it was when curves hit, unexpected curves, and that we must stay tuned in with God.

This evening was our small group. It was a very good profitable time. One couple was missing, Larry and Rose, are out of town. We had a good time discussing the sermon of last week, Pastor Shane's last sermon here. Mountain top experiences. Then today's sermon on curves, and how to stay tuned in with God. Curves are those experiences we don't expect and can really throw us if we're not careful. We're hoping to have a small group time down at camp in a couple of weeks.

Thank you, Lord, for this good day. Thank you for helping me with the newsletter. Thank you for Pastor Dave and for his clear way of explaining Your Word. Thank you for our small group. Each one has come to mean so much to us as friends and also as folks we can depend on in times of need. I love You, Lord.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


This beautiful pink Mandevilla flower is blooming in Joan's front yard! Actually there are two blooming. They are so delicate and lovely, I couldn't resist taking a picture! Lord, thank you for Your Creation!

Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

Today we had dinner with friends at the home of Penn & Joan. There were 10 of us, plus Chris, who stopped in briefly. We had a really nice relaxing time and delicious food: barbecued pork on bun, corn on the cob; jello salad, fruit, deviled eggs, baked beans, lettuce salad, two kinds of delicious desserts. Photo # 1 Fran, Penn's mother; #2 Chris, son of Penn & Joan; #3 Dave, Harold, & Wilma; #4 Wilma, Al, Jerry & Penn; #5 Mary, Joan, & Naomi; #6 Al, Jerry & Penn; #7 Irene. Lord, thank you for good friends and relaxing times of sweet fellowship.

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! This is a great celebration day! What are your plans? Ours are to go to our friends, Penn & Joan, to enjoy dinner with several other folks. It should be fun. I'm taking my new favorite dish of baked beans. Christy gave me this recipe from her mother-in-law! Everyone loves it, even kids! Are you going to watch fire works? We just saw the best fire works show, last month with the rest of our whole family-2, after a Loons baseball game. We probably won't go grandkids this week! We'll hear them but probably won't see them. But that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the freedom of America. We do! We're proud to be citizens of the USA. Thank you, Lord, for our freedom in Christ, and our freedom as US citizens.


Jerry and I are back reading together again. We stopped for the three weeks we had company. It's good to be back, it's very relaxing and yet very stimulating! We read after breakfast before we get going for the day. We're reading Backyard Dwellers, an Adventure of Freedom by David Kessler! It's an excellent book, especially for anyone bound by false guilt. David Kessler happens to be our senior pastor! I'm a backyard dweller!

I'm also reading through the Bible in a year. Sometimes I wonder why I'm doing this. It's hard. I'm reading on line and check off each day so that helps me keep on track. There are three portions each day, starting out with the New Testament, then two from the Old Testament. I usually do this reading early in the morning.

For my own reading pleasure I'm reading a novel (for the second time) The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers. If you like a book with a different twist, here it is! It's a story of a young girl and her life in the mountains of Tennessee. Francine Rivers is one of my favorite authors.

Thank you for Your Word. Your Word is Truth. Thank you for good books.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Freezer Story!

A friend of mine just went on a trip for the entire month of June and accidentally left her freezer unplugged! Can you just imagine, after a month, the mess, smell, flies, etc?

When I was a little girl, living in Oklahoma, my mom raised chickens so we'd have meat to eat. Money was very scarce but enough was given to our family so we could make a much needed trip to Iowa to visit family. I don't know how long we were gone, probably two weeks (school Christmas break). When we got back home something was wrong. My parents opened the deep wasn't working! Everything was thawed! The chickens my mom had worked so hard to raise, kill, dress, and freeze for her family...all rotten and very smelly. I don't know how many there were. I do know my parents got rid of the freezer and bought my mom one of the first automatic washing machines! It was a Thor Auto-Magic Washing Machine. She'd had a ringer type up to this time (I got my fingers caught in the ringer!) This all happened in about 1947, I was seven or eight years old. So, that's my freezer story, Ruth.

Lord, how good it is to look back over our lives and see how you took care of us. Even though my parents suffered loss with this incident they never lost faith in You. There were lessons to be learned through an experience like this and faith in You to provide meat and other groceries for our family to survive. You provided. Thank You.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fun With My New Camera!

I went outside and took pictures of flowers, just to try out my new camera. #1 is hibiscus. Six large red flowers all blooming with more to come. The flowers only live a day or two days at the most. #2 blue clematis on a trellis (they don't look blue, I've got to work on that). #3 white clematis on a trellis in back of our house. So now you know we have three different clematis vines growing in our yard. The picture I took earlier is a white one climbing up the bell. Lord, You know how I love flowers. Thank You for creating them. Thank You for my new camera. Help me to learn how to use it correctly.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Vel! Please tell me I'm right. It's late...I'm tired...I don't want to have to look it up! I think this is your birthday! Did you have a good day? Did my brother take you out for dinner? He'd better!!! It's nice Lisa, Doug, & Justin are close so they can celebrate with you. I would if I lived closer! So happy, happy birthday. Lord, bless Vel with Your Presence. Touch her pain and help her to feel better. Give her a real good day.

Spending Time With Jerry!

Jerry and I haven't had too much together time in the last few weeks. I guess you could say we're making up for it! Monday I went to the doctor with him, even though it was kind of a routine follow-up after his stent. (We really like our doctor so it was good to go.) Jerry's blood pressure is still way too high. Then we went to Logan's for their special for supper, the first time in about a month since we've been there! I love their salmon! I also had a veggie skewer and a salad. Jerry had a steak & baked potato & salad. It's the delicious hot buns that get us down. Today we went together to do errands like washing the car, going to the credit union, picking up medicine, buying a new camera, and buying groceries (he waited in the car). When we finished Jerry said, "How about Chinese food?" He took me to my favorite Chinese restaurant! We ordered one order and split it and still left stuffed! We had egg drop soup, sweet & sour pork, and fried rice. Also tea, which we now have to pay a dollar apiece for! But it was good, it was all good, the time together was especially good! Heavenly Father, thank you for Jerry. Thank you for the good time we've had together this week. Thank you for our family who were here with us for three weeks! It's all been time well spent! Help us to cherish our time together. Thank you also, for the time we spend with You.


I bought a new camera! This is the same picture I took with the old camera. Quite a difference. I bought another Olympus, because I had good results with my old one and I kind of know it. It would cost more to fix the old camera than to buy a new one. So, I now have a new camera! Yeah! I just wanted a good camera that I could depend on...when I got it home and was reading the book on it I discovered it has a video camera on it! Okay! Heavenly Father, thank You for my new camera! Help me to use it to glorify You. Help me to be careful with it and not drop it or abuse it in any way. Thank You for all Your blessings to us.