Friday, July 25, 2008

More Buckaroo pics

Sydney made a friend...Katey. #1 is Katey on her horse. #2 is Katey and Sydney, time to say good-bye. #3 is Sydney showing us her horse, Lily. Lord, thank you for good times and good friends.


pondering something said...

Camp looks like it was lots of fun! I'm glad Syd had a chance to go.

Anonymous said...

Hey grandma I love you I miss you to. I'll see you at the Midland fair. I bet it will be fun. Right now I am at my mom's summer school helping her clean up her room because summer school is all done! I went to the beach the other day .It was awesome. I learned how to ride the Lake Michigan waves on a mini surf board. Im seeing my dad a lot. He has been sick for two days. But he is ok now. Well I have to go bye Love Sydney Archer