Sunday, July 27, 2008


Meet Ruth, Ruthie to me! She is a blogger friend. Well, she's actually more than that. She's a person I've known for many years but we lost track of each other for many years. She lived here for four years as a child, they moved away when she would have entered 3rd grade! Her daddy was our pastor! So she's the age of some of my children, but we're still very good friends. We got reacquainted through blogging! I must tell you that Ruthie has a very deep commitment to God. He has seen her through a very tough year. She lost her husband to cancer a year ago and is trusting God to keep her two daughter's and herself and to lead them through life. So far it's been an incredible journey. We've been blogging and commenting to each other and she came to camp! No, she didn't come to see me, her family all live here, and her dad is the camp director! She lives in Illinois so it was great to see her. We had a few times to visit. The evening before we came home she came over with a bowl of fresh blue berries! She had gone berry picking with her family in the afternoon and decided to share with us! How sweet! Thank you, Ruthie! So, life goes on. Tomorrow she and her daughter's and MaryAnne's family, and Jim's family are all going on a vacation. Have a great family time together! Then she goes back to Illinois. I'm so glad for the few days we were both at camp. Lord, thank You for the time Ruthie and I got to have together. She's such an inspiration to me. Please continue to bless her and guide her. It's not easy to raise daughters without their father. Bless them with Your presence.

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