Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Camp 2008

What a good time we had with friends! #1 shows a camp fire with Johnathan, Dee, Penn & Joan. #2 is the annual, traditional, wonderful, delicious pancake breakfast at Penn's and Joan's camper! Tom helped this year. Everyone looks forward to the pancake breakfast and some get up and come over, still in pajama's, half asleep but soon wake up to eat the delicious pancakes, sausages, juice, and coffee. Joan made special sausage balls...delicious!!! Thanks, Penn and Joan! Rob & Jessica drove down just for breakfast!

#3 is a photo of Beth & Jim, Tim & Barb, & Jerry. They all came over to our camper just to visit and have a cup of coffee. #4 is a picture of day camp. The kids loved it. This picture shows Bella 3rd on the left, pink shorts and a tan shirt. #5 is Bonnie (Joy's mom) and Olivia bringing home made ice cream to us! Olivia's mom, Joy, made the ice cream and invited us over to have some but before we went over they came bringing it to us! So many teens showed up at Joy's camper they decided to desert them and come to our camper! Besides we had fresh blue berries! I'll tell you about them in a later blog! Lord, how I thank You for the good times we had at family camp! There was never a dull moment.

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