Thursday, July 17, 2008


Oh my, what a time we're having. Yesterday about 4:30 PM we lost our power! Living in the country means when the power goes out we also have no water. Oh boy, did we feel stranded. Last night about nine o'clock there was a knock on the door...Rob and Jessica had gone to town for something and stopped to buy hot fudge sundays. Mmmmm were they good. In the morning we went out for breakfast and then to help out with the garage sale for helping with the adoption. Still no power. Jerry came home, he wasn't feeling real great. About 3:30 PM today the power came back on! Yeah! I came home from the garage sale sun burned and dead tired. I took a shower and we went out for supper. While we were gone ...the power went out! It was out until about 9:00 PM! So it's back on now. Jerry's had a hair cut and shower and is in bed. I'm going very soon. I just wanted to write this to explain where I've been.
Lord, thank you for our electrical power. We're so used to it, when we don't have it, we don't know what to do! Thank you for helping the men to get it restored for us and for the other hundreds of folks who were also without power. I praise You because You are Power.


Kathy McFadden said...

Glad to hear all is well...I was a little worried. More after the weekend...I am off to Arlington sometime tomorrow.

Joy Ziegler said...

I loved that I signed on yesterday to a birthday cake. How appropriate. Thanks for the birthday greetings!

Glad to hear that your power is back on. I just hope that it's not preparing you for next week. There always seems to be storms at camp to make it "interesting". Really looking forward to relaxing and hanging out with all my Free Methodist friends.