Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home Again!

#1 is Kelby as the EMT person. #2 is during the Sunday pot luck dinner. L-R is Mary, Harold, Dave, Jim, Naomi, Emmie, & Bob. #3 is one of the horse drawn wagons that transported folks to the auditorium. We had a really good week but home is always soooo good! We've been at family camp for a week, a very good week! We had Sydney and Isabella with us and we all got along fine. The first three days Sydney was at the Buckaroo Camp. I posted pictures of her there. Then she joined Bella, Jerry, and me for the rest of the week. Kid's camp was every morning 9-11:30 and every evening from about 7:30-8:30. The girls loved it! Ted came this morning to pick them up. They were so glad to see their daddy! I have a few pictures to post so you can see something of where we were and what we did. I'll be writing more as the days go by. It's soooo good to be home! Thank You, Lord, for a very good week of Christian fellowship, Bible studys, missions meetings, Kid's camp, etc.

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pondering something said...

Home on Sat?? Did camp not run through Sun this year?