Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Spending Time With Jerry!

Jerry and I haven't had too much together time in the last few weeks. I guess you could say we're making up for it! Monday I went to the doctor with him, even though it was kind of a routine follow-up after his stent. (We really like our doctor so it was good to go.) Jerry's blood pressure is still way too high. Then we went to Logan's for their special for supper, the first time in about a month since we've been there! I love their salmon! I also had a veggie skewer and a salad. Jerry had a steak & baked potato & salad. It's the delicious hot buns that get us down. Today we went together to do errands like washing the car, going to the credit union, picking up medicine, buying a new camera, and buying groceries (he waited in the car). When we finished Jerry said, "How about Chinese food?" He took me to my favorite Chinese restaurant! We ordered one order and split it and still left stuffed! We had egg drop soup, sweet & sour pork, and fried rice. Also tea, which we now have to pay a dollar apiece for! But it was good, it was all good, the time together was especially good! Heavenly Father, thank you for Jerry. Thank you for the good time we've had together this week. Thank you for our family who were here with us for three weeks! It's all been time well spent! Help us to cherish our time together. Thank you also, for the time we spend with You.

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