Saturday, March 12, 2011


Making cookies
     Elmise and Armon are here this evening. At the moment they're both sound asleep sprawled out in the living room. Elmise is on the sofa and Armon is in Jerry's Lazy Boy chair. He didn't know it would go back so far. It was funny. But first we made chocolate chip cookies! That was fun! Rob and Jessica should be home soon. Jerry's in bed too. So I'm on the computer. I guess there's no surprise there!
     Jerry made a ham and cabbage soup today. He's hoping to have that to eat next week, along with the chili he already made, and the fried chicken he's ordered me to fix on Monday! for while I'm gone to visit my mom. I'm leaving on Tuesday. The soup turned out really good. Elmise and Armon love it too. It must remind them of something they used to eat in Haiti. They each ate a full bowl of it even though they had already had supper before they came over here. It's so funny to watch them. Most kids wouldn't touch it...
     Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are the Giver of Life. 

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