Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Dinner

The nursing home gave her a stuffed dog, three balloons and a beautiful lap size quilt! Everyone else gave her money so she could go shopping! That's what she wanted!
Vel, Lisa, Mother, Bill

Me, Mother, Bill

Beautiful big balloon for Mothers Birthday!
Mother's birthday cake! 
click on the pictures to make them come up bigger.

Mother had a very nice birthday, I think. Everyone has told her Happy Birthday.
She also got phone calls from Pam, Richard and Lorraine.
Lord, thank You for the wonderful 97th birthday Mother has had.


pondering something said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday lunch! Wish I could have been there. Where does Grandma want to go shopping?

Chuck and Sue said...

Thanks for sharing your mom's birthday with us. What a nice quilt they gave her. Glad you could be there.