Monday, May 31, 2010


Bella is a typical eight year old girl. But, of course, she's very special to me, along with the rest of my 15 grandchildren. Last week she had an experience with death that few kids have.

She would go to the horse farm with Sydney (Sydney has a leased horse, Bo) several times a week but she didn't really care for the horses. They are so big and she just didn't feel safe around them. One day she ended up alone in the barn. Sydney and Ted were with Bo. Bella looked around, not knowing where to go and all she could see were the hind ends of horses in every stall. She panicked. Ted heard her crying and came running. A lady from the farm came along just then, asked what the problem was, and said she had a horse just right for Bella! She took Bella to see a tiny, full grown, miniature horse named Cinderella.

Bella fell in love with Cinderella. Now every time they went to the farm, Bella was with Cinderella. She brushed her, talked to her, walked her, fed and watered her. Whatever she needed Bella took care of it.

At the farm live two huge Black Lab dogs. They suddenly came tearing through the barn. Cinderella was spooked and jumped. She was on a tether, to be she couldn't just run away. When she came down she landed funny. A vet was called, and after examining her he gave the final word. Her leg was very badly broken. She would have to be put down.

Poor Cinderella...Poor Bella.

The horse was buried in a field right there at the farm. There was a memorial service held for her. Bella, Sydney, and Ted all went, and even took flowers to plant on her grave. Lots of other folks were there too. Everyone knew how much Bella loved Cinderella.

Bella was asked if she'd like to say something. She went to the front, and started crying...she couldn't talk. So Sydney was asked if she'd like to say something. She went up and after about three words...she started crying! Then Ted was asked if he'd like to say something. So he told about how Bella and Cinderella got together and how much they loved each other...
It was very emotional and even he had a hard time talking...but he made it!

One of the woman who works at the farm took a picture, one day, of Bella and Cinderella. After this bad incident she had the picture enlarged, matted, and framed. After the memorial service she gave it to Bella! What a nice gesture on her part. Bella has it sitting by her bed.

Heavenly Father, this is one of those tough experiences of life. It's especially tough for an eight year old girl. Please comfort Bella. Help her to grieve and then move on. Please be her Comfort and her Strength.

Tree Cutting

We had a tree that needed to be cut down. It was growing around another tree, kind of like a vine wraps itself around a tree! This tree was dying and it was soon going to be killing the other tree. So, Jerry and Ted got busy. They had to tie the tree off to make sure it fell where they wanted it to. You can see the strap going to another tree. Click on the pictures to make them bigger. Ted is ready to start sawing.

Ted is on a ladder with the chain saw, cutting the tree. Jerry is holding the strap.

Timber!!! Jerry could only hide behind the tree to keep safe. One branch did come down and put a cut in the top of his head! Of course he says he's okay...

Ted cutting the tree to help it fall the rest of the way down.

He's still cutting. It was a very tall tree.

They pushing the tree to help it fall the rest of the way down.

Sydney wants into the act! In her new dress even! She's just posing!
Lord, thank You for helping the guys get the tree cut safely. Please help Jerry not to get infection in his cut. Thank You for the time we're had together.

Tea Party

When Ted and Sydney and Bella came yesterday the first thing Bella said to me was, "Grandma, may we have a tea party, please?" How can I say no to that?

The girls got all dressed up and made up! Sydney is putting make-up on Elmise!

Haleigh is putting make-up on Bella.

Both girls put make-up on me! They insisted! Elmise and Bella brushed my hair.

Here are my girls all dressed up and made up. It was Elmise's first tea party!

We're sitting around the dining room table with a lace table clothe. Each one got to choose which Bone China cup and saucer she wanted. We had Blueberry tea and Apple Cinnamon tea, little cakes and orange slices. It's a very special time for all of us.
We talked about Memorial Day and what it means. I told them about our relative who died in WWI on the very day the war ended. They were very sad about that. Then I read a story to them about a wagon train and Indians. It's a good story with a lesson at the end for any one who reads it.
Heavenly Father, thank You for my granddaughters. They are lovely. Thank You for the privelege of having tea parties with them and for them. I love them and You love them even more!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adventuresome Granddaughters

Four of my granddaughters are sleeping all night (?) in Haleigh's tree house! You can't see them very good here but they are lined up: Bella, Haleigh, Sydney, and Elmise! I wonder how long they'll stay in it...

Lord, thank You for good times. Please keep my granddaughter's safe.

Fun In The Pool

Five grandkids in the pool! It's a very hot day so this is a great place to be. Sydney and Bella came today and will go home tomorrow. What fun! The pool is in Haleigh's back yard. In this first picture Sydney is in the air!

Bella floating.
Armon and Bella.

Here they are: Armon, Bella, Haleigh, Sydney, and Elmise. What fun!
Lord, You have blessed us so much with wonderful grandchildren and with fun times! I love You!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hanging Baskets

This beautiful Fuchsia was given to me by Rob and Jessica for Mother's Day. I love fuchsia's, they have such unique flowers. It's hanging on our front porch where we can see it out our living room window. Can I keep it looking like this all summer? We'll see.
These baskets of Petunias are hanging over our deck in the back. They are so beautiful. I wonder if I can keep them beautiful???
Heavenly Father, You made all the flowers Thank You!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We've been watching 'our' deer for several days now. This morning she presented us with a surprise! A tiny fawn! It's amazing!

Lord, the wonders of Your Creation are amazing! Thank You.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I woke up before sunrise this morning. I came out to the loft and sat in my lounge chair in the window. In the darkness I noticed something light at the back of our yard, just in front of a path leading to our neighbors behind us. What was it? It looked like a huge boulder, but we didn't have anything there, just grass. Daylight began to dawn and I kept staring at whatever was in our yard. I knew neither Jerry nor I had put anything in the yard there. As it got lighter out I could see it was a light tan color. There was no movement so I was very puzzled. I kept watching, trying to figure out what it was that was lying in our yard. Suddenly it moved very slightly...just enough to tell me it was an animal. Then it moved again and stood up! A beautiful deer. He had been sleeping in our yard!!! By now it was daylight and he walked off into the woods. The clock said 6:30. I laid down and took a nap!

I praise You, Father, because You are the Creator. Thank You for letting me see this beautiful deer.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Flowers

These beautiful red flowers bloom every year in my flower bed beside the house. They are so bright and beautiful and I don't remember what they are called! Help!!! If you think you know and you read my blog, would you please leave a comment telling me what you think they are?

I praise You, Lord, because You are the Creator. You made these beautiful red flowers and the pink, blue, yellow, white, purple, and orange flowers too! How I love You.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sydney! Oh my, how the years are going by. Here you are 11 years old now. Life is very busy for you right now so we don't get to see you as often as before. 4-H and Bo, your horse, are keeping you very occupied. But I'm happy for you. My wish through my whole life was for my own horse. So, I'll enjoy it through you! I wish I had a good picture of you with your horse. Grandpa and I are going to have to come over to see you. I wish for you a very happy birthday!
Lord, thank You for Sydney. She's a precious granddaughter. Life isn't easy and she needs Your Guidance, Your Protection, Your Love, and Your Hand upon her. Please be with her. I love her so much and You love her even more.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Rob & Jessica! Is it really 14 years? Life changed forever one day last January when you got a call telling you to get down to Florida as soon as possible. The earthquake in Haiti had an important impact on you, your family, and your marriage. Dow Chemical Co. flew your family of four down and you came back a family of six. Life has never been and will never be the same. What a challenge! With the help of the Lord you'll make it, your family will make it, and your marriage will survive and thrive! May God bless you both as you give unselfishly to your children and especially to each other.

Lord, thank You for Rob and Jessica. Please be with them in this tremendous task of raising their enlarged family. Please bless and guard their marriage. Help them to lean on You and on each other. Give them pockets of meaningful time together. I love them and You love them even more.

Friday, May 14, 2010


This has been a few days since coming home from a wonderful trip mainly to see my mother, but also to see my daughter, brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephew, great nephews, great nieces, and friends!

Since I've been home I've gone through some medical tests, but with no results yet, and I still have two more to go through. I'm basically a very healthy person, with longevity in my genes. Even a healthy person can have a few glitches along the way...that's where I am today.

The weather has been so chilly and rainy I haven't done any work outside. I must weed my flower beds today. It's a little overwhelming. Today is predicted to be a nice sunny day.

This week I've experienced a miracle. It's humbling to feel a part of God's work. At the same time I let some folks down so my feelings of Ecstasy were short lived as I realize how human I am. I want to blame my business, or my medical tests, or the miles between us, or my age, etc., for the reason that I let them down, but it really comes down to my carelessness.

The newsletter I write is due to come out tomorrow...I'm not finished. It's close but having been gone for a week in the middle of supposedly working on it hasn't helped me any. Somehow I'll get it done today and sent out and printed...

It's been so good to be home with Jerry. He was waiting for me late Tuesday night. He's my love, my companion, my helpmate, my cheerleader, my supporter, and so much more.

Heavenly Father, how I praise You. You understand me. You love me. When I fail You lift me up. You take my failings and make good from them some how. Oh, You amaze me. I love You and I praise You. You lift me up from my discouragement. You give me strength when I fall. I love You.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pam and Grandma

When Pam and I were in Colorado she was croqueting a baby afghan for a fellow worker. She worked on it constantly, no matter where we were. Here we were in the nursing home our first day visiting Mother. After this first visit Pam worked on the baby afghan every time we were there...or so thought Grandma! We all kept track of how much progress she was making.
Mother had a small blanket, folded double, across her shoulders. She's always cold. It was given to her for Christmas and hadn't been washed yet because she always needed it. Pam, with her quick mind got an idea...

Here's Pam working on her project at Bill's house.

Our last day Pam gave this shawl to Mother to wear across her shoulders. Mother was so surprised...she thought Pam was working on the baby afghan. They were both the same blue! Now Mother's shoulder blanket can be washed and mother will still be warm. What a nice, loving gift you made and gave to her, Pam.
Lord, thank You for Mother and for Pam. Thank You for warmth and comfort. Thank You for talented daughters! Thank You for giving Pam the idea to make this afghan and helping her to finish it before we left.


When Pam and I arrived at the nursing home on Thursday to visit Mother, we stepped into the outer foyer and there was Mother waiting just inside the inner entrance. She knew we were coming and was waiting. When we left on Monday she went to the same spot to tell us good-bye and watch as we left in Bill's car.

It was very hard for me to say good-bye to her. When will I see her again?
Heavenly Father, thank You for my mother. Thank You for her good mind! Please keep her in Your care. I love You, Lord.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interesting Family

Meet Lisa Gail. My namesake! She's a small 5'2", fearless person! She came over right from work so I got a picture of her in her work clothes. She's a state park ranger! She has no fear! In the park, on any given day, she could run into rattle snakes, bob cats, bears, coyotes, and more, and she loves it! Work clothes don't always flatter a person. She loves it when little kids, wave to her and say, "Hi, Park Ranger!"

Bill, Lisa's dad, my brother, loves to make pizza! So he went to work and, despite the pain he's constantly in, he worked all afternoon to make this for us. It was very good!

Thank You, Lord, for family.

Southwestern Theme

Vel should have been an interior decorator! Every time we go to visit, their house is decorated in a distinct theme. This time it's southwestern.

This Indian Brave stands by the front door.

This western bandit is just inside the door of the computer room. One night as I was walking by he scared the daylights out of me!!! I knew he was there but still he caught me off guard!

This is a beautiful silver and black sombrero. The picture doesn't do it justice.
I haven't captured the beauty of this display. I wish you could see it as it really is. There are six Mexican maidens by the cacti.
Lord, You have given us humans talents that make us unique. Thanks for this interesting trait.


These are two interesting shots I took on our trip to Colorado.

Pikes Peak from Castle Rock. I was actually in the parking lot of Wal-mart when I took this.

This picture of the Chicago skyline I took from O'Hare airport while Pam and I waited for our plane. It's not too bad for taking it through a big plate glass window.
Lord, You are the Creator. I love You.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Times With Family

We had such good times with all the family units when we got together. This little vacation is one that I will remember for many years to come, because we had such good times.

This is my younger brother, Bill, and his wife, Vel. We stayed in their home and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Mother's Day evening we went to Red Robin for supper. Here are Pam and Justin. Something was funny! Justin is a grandson of Bill and Vel, and he is my great-nephew!

Lisa and Doug, parents of Justin. I can't remember what was so funny, but you can see, we're having a great time! Lisa is the daughter of Bill and Vel and she is my niece.
Lisa, Pam, and I all share the same middle name: Gail!
Lord, once again, I thank You for family and for good times!

Good Friends

My best friend, back in 8th grade through 10th grade, was Janice. We both lived in Des Moines, Iowa back then. Now Janice lives in Colorado so we got together for a visit. It was so fun to talk about old times.

Myself and Janice. We only meant to visit for about an hour...two and a half hours later...

Vicki and Pam, friends from childhood. When Jerry and I got together with Janice and Wayne, our kids were just that, kids. Now here are Pam and Vicki all grown up. They had lots to talk about too!
Good friends are a gift from God.

Saturday with Mother

Vel, Richard, Cookie, Pam, Bill, and Mother.

Richard and Cookie, my older brother and his wife, came down to wish Mother a happy Mother's Day and to visit family. With Sunday being a very busy day for them, they came on Saturday. We had a nice dinner together with Mother in a private room.
These pictures are a little blurry. I learned not to use a certain setting on my camera! This is Richard, my older brother with Mother.

Thank You, Lord, for family and for good times.

Mother's Day

This beautiful bouquet of flowers was sent to Mother from my sister, Lorraine. I took pictures from two sides. It was on the table when we arrived for dinner.

We ate in a private room all set up just for us. Going around the table is Mother, Bill, Vel, Justin, Doug, and Pam. Lisa had to work on Mother's Day!
I can't remember when I celebrated Mother's Day with my mother the last time. So now I just had a wonderful Mother's Day with my favorite Mother, my own mother!

Here she is, 96 years young. Bill and Vel gave her this beautiful corsage.

Myself, Mother, and Pam!

Grandma and Pam!

Mother and me!

Vel, me, Mother, and Pam. Bill and Vel surprised Pam and me with an orchid corsage for each of the three of us to go along with Mother's corsage!

Heavenly Father, how I praise You because You are the Creator. Thank You for the privilege of being a mother. Thank You for my mother. Thank You for giving me these few days with her.