Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here I am again. So many thoughts are going through my head. I've had big computer problems but hopefully they are all solved now. In the process I've lost a few things, not many, but some important ones, like "the Bible on one page." If any of my readers have that site, could you and would you, please send it to me? I loved that and used it all the time.

The bodies of the three people from our church, Free Methodist, who lost their lives in the earthquake in Haiti have been found, on Tuesday of this week! Two of them were from Michigan and were friends of ours. It's so sad but yet now there will be closure for friends and especially their families. Pray for their wives and children and grandchildren.
We have heard there is a spiritual awakening and revival in Haiti since the earthquake! Let's hope and pray it won't take an earthquake or other calamity to wake up the U.S.A.

Our neighbors behind us are moving, yet this month. We'll really miss them, they've been very good neighbors. We're going to have them over for dinner soon. We've benefitted from their clearing out of stuff! In the spring we'll be redoing our flower bed beside the house...some cherubs will appear and other good stuff! They'll be good reminders of our friends, Larry and Patricia.

Our nephew and niece, Roger and Marie, went to Florida. While gone a son discovered a water leak in their house! Not just a dripping but a broken pipe flooding their house! Roger and Marie hurried back to Michigan and are living in Hampton Inn while their house is being almost gutted and repaired!

Lord, life is good but sometimes life is hard. Thank You for Your Ever Abiding Presence. Thank You for Jesus. Please be with our grieving friends, Dorothy and Dolly. Comfort them. Be with Roger and Marie, as they deal with this devastating hardship in their home. Help us all to "Cast our cares on You because You care for us."


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

I looked this up on google and I think this is the site you wanted. Sue

Joy Ziegler said...

Not sure if this is the correct one, but this is one that I have used: