Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday party

Yesterday evening was the birthday party for Elmise. Here's the butterfly cake she wanted. It's not the best but she thought it was beautiful! I took pictures with the candles in it but I had the wrong setting and got a video of her blowing the candles out! (Now I have to read the book to see what to do with it!)

Elmise opening a gift!

We've been giving each grandchild one dollar for each year, so here she has opened our card and found the eight one dollar bills. We cut it off at age 20! (With 15 grandchildren, it was a decision we made and have stuck with it.)

Rob & Jessica gave her this new aquarium. Rob took her shopping for fish after everyone went home. They are studying fish and have an aquarium at school so this was a good idea for her.

Thank You, Lord, for birthdays, for kids, for friends.

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Anonymous said...

The cake turned out great! Looks like Elmise had a great American birthday. The fish tank is an awesome present. :) What kind of fish are they going to put in it? Make sure to dechlorinate the water before putting any fish in it.