Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Special Treat

Today we were treated to lunch at the Playroom MacDonalds with our grandchildren, Elmise and Armon, and our children, Rob & Jessica! I took my camera thinking I'd get some good pictures of the kids playing on the creative play equipment. Wrong! It was too overwhelming. The place became packed shortly after we arrived. Kids and noise and running around. Elmise and Armon never left our table!

Rob bought a new van for the family! They needed a bigger vehicle with their expanded family! 2008 Chevrolet Highlander. So they came to take us for a ride and then we ended up at MacDonalds. This is Elmise sitting in her booster seat. She has a tooth so ready to fall out!

Armon in his booster seat! They are such bright and loving children, like all my grandchildren!

Jessica and Elmise sat in the back seats, Armon and I in the middle, Jerry and Rob in the front.
Oh yes, Rob has a new job starting in February!

Here we are in MacDonalds. I should have had my camera on a different setting. This is too light. Armon, Jessica, Jerry, Rob, and Elmise. It looks like the kids don't have much to eat...I moved their bags off the table so I could get a good picture...and then had the wrong setting. ;(

Lord, I love You. Life is such an adventure. I praise You.


Buckaroo said...

that looks like so much fun grandma where is haligh in the picture? i love you more than anything
your favorite grandchild from Michigan Sydney

ruth said...

I'm so glad to hear about Rob's job situation and their new van. What ages are Elmise and Armon again? I'm sure you've said but I couldn't remember.
Thanks for sharing your daily joys with us:)

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

MacDonalds, fun, fun. We take things for granted don't we, and the new grandkids must be very overwhelmed. Isn't it something the difference in behavior. I am convinced a lot of it must be what kids eat, and they are hyper, talking and running around. They say too there are so many additives in American food and even in the air, chemicals we don't realize we are breathing. Wow. I am just blessed by the lovely family you have and the kids are so cute. God Bless all of you.