Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Last 'Chili' Supper

Last evening was the 'Last Supper for the Archer Adoption' and was so well attended, it was amazing! I'm guessing 300 folks! Others said the same amount. It was impossible to get a count! But there were still folks we didn't see, some who had said they would be there, but for one reason or another didn't show up. It was a great time!

Connie, how many bowls of chili did you eat? It was very good!

Armon joined some kids playing a game in the south fellowship hall.

These good looking young men are all members of a Northwood University fraternity! They were the only folks dressed up and, boy, did they look good!

A small portion of the line waiting for food. The line went clear down the hall, through the double doors, and beyond! It moved fast though!
Heavenly Father, thank You for the wonderful evening yesterday. The folks who turned out were amazing! Thank You for the reason for the supper. Thank You for the way folks have rallied for Rob and Jessica, Armon and Elmise.


Gene and Joyce said...

What a beautiful family. I just read down thru your previous posts. I'm sure there are some wonderful stories behind each of the entries. Congratulations grandma and grandpa. Take good care of those precious ones.

Barbara said...

We've been reading the posts and rejoicing with all of you Archers. Praise God for "forever family" -- so it is with the body of Christ --Praise Him!! Love you all!