Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This map shows Haiti and where it is situated in relation to the U.S.A. An earthquake, 7.0, hit Port-au-Prince, the capital city, yesterday, creating devastation to millions of people. My heart is aching for them. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

This is Rob and Elmise. Elmise and Armon are being adopted by Rob and Jessica. They are safe and are being cared for in this tragic situation in Haiti. They, along with the rest of the orphange children, were led to an open area (field?) and are being kept there. The orphanage building has damage so I'm not sure where they'll be taken to.

Jessica and Armon. The adoption was soon to be finalized and kids could come home...where are the adoption papers now??? Who knows.

This is a close up picture of a map of Haiti. The earthquake, 7.0, hit about 10 miles out of Port-au-Prince, the capitol city. It is a city of houses made from cement blocks, plywood, card board, whatever... Even the President's Palace was badly damaged.

Two friends of ours, Gene and Merle, had just landed in Haiti a couple of hours before the quake hit...they are unaccounted for and also one of our missionaries, Jeanne.

The young man, Hillaire, we sponsored, along with Pam, for years...since he was a baby, is in Port-au-Prince attending school to become a lab technician. We've not had any word on him yet.

Mallery, a young friend of ours, has opened up a school, clinic, etc. is devastated and is planning to go back down tomorrow. Where will she stay, etc? At least one of her little children has died in this quake. Mallery's heart is in Haiti, she was planning on moving there permanently in May.
I could go on telling more about folks we know and love in Haiti.

Dear Lord, I praise You because You are Omnipresent. You are All Knowing. You are Power. I ask that You please take care of these beautiful people. Wrap Your arms around them. Please be with Armon and Elmise. Keep them safe and well. Please be with Gene and Merle and Jeanne. Help them to be found safe. Please be with Hillaire. Keep him safe and well. Lord, what about the adoption papers? You know where they are in all the rubble. Please keep them intact and help the adoption to move forward and soon.
Lord, all of these I've written about know You personally and I thank You for that. There are thousands of others who don't know You. Please send Your Love along with relief to these folks who are so desperately in need. I love the Haitian people but You love them even more. You sent Your Son to die for them.


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

We are praying for Jessica and Rob as well as Elmise and Armon. The damage looks so widespread on the news. Praying for all our missionaries and workers too. It must be so terrible. God is bigger, and will do His wondrous work.

ruth said...

I'm praying as well...the pictures are so overwhelming. I went to Haiti while I was in college many years ago and it was desperate then just in regular day to day life, it's so hard to imagine how they will recover from this disaster. Praying for Elmise and Armon as well and Jessica and Rob and family...I can't imagine having children that you love...and are a part of your family down there.