Thursday, January 21, 2010

Armon, Elmise, and Plaid

Okay, yes, we'll keep Plaid for another day or two!!! Armon, Rob, and Plaid. Poor Plaid.

Plaid, Haleigh, and Elmise. She loves Plaid, but would rather he stay at Grandma's house!

Lord, I'm coming to You on behalf of Plaid. He's such a sweet little dog. He belongs to Rob's family. Please help Armon and Elmise to adjust to life here. Help them both as they encounter new experiences. Thank You for this challenge that is before us.

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ruth said...

I am so incredibly happy for all of you and the miracle that you're experiencing with Armon and Elmise coming home. I loved reading through all of your recent posts...playing in the snow...popsicles...sounds like everyone is having fun and making some huge adjustments. I hope it's all going well. I am so thankful for some good news out of Haiti...sounds like many adoptions like Rob and Jessica's are going through from some of the articles that I'm reading down in my neck of the woods...what a blessing in a time of difficulty. Praying for you today and your whole family...God is good:)