Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Tim working on upstairs sink.

Jerry filling holes in dining room.
 Tim came for a week visit and he has worked from day 1! The first thing he did was reload the logs on the front porch. Here he is replacing the faucets, etc., in the upstairs bathroom. He put new faucets in the shower, upstairs sink, downstairs sink. He painted the dining room ceiling and inside wall, also the living room wall to match the dining room ceiling. He put up new motion lights outside the garage. 

Tim is starting the dining room wall. It's a green we hoped would match the green in the Lord's Supper picture. You can see we matched it pretty good!

Lord, thank You for hard working children! 
Thank You for this good visit we've had with Tim, and with Pam and Gene over the weekend, and with Rob and Jessica and kids when they came over. Please give Tim a safe trip back home tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

wow, send him to our place next!

pondering something said...

Love the color! How nice that Tim could help with some of the chores. It makes things easier on you and Dad when the "kids" help out.