Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I feel the need to just write. I've had so much going on and I'm feeling a change in myself for some reason...I think it's old age. I'm feeling bogged down with stuff! So it's time to start paring down, getting rid of stuff. My own five kid's...take note...if you want anything in particular, come and get it or at least make a note of it so we know it has a place to go. I'll probably have a huge sale! Oh, not right away. Now of course, some things I'll keep until the day I die or my kids put me into a nursing home! Remember, I have longevity in my genes! But Jerry and I have a plan, now that we're in old age.
I'm in awe of God. You're probably saying, so what's new... Well, I just had an experience of seeing God at work, in the life of another and in myself...together. His Timing, His Orchestrating, His Love, His Hand, His Presence...Awesome!
Spring is in the air! Crocuses blooming, Daffodils almost blooming, Tulips, Daylillies, Irises, Lilacs, Rhubarb, and other plants and flowers coming up, and trees budding out. I love spring! Goldfinches are turning yellow, of course Robins have returned. I think I heard a Baltimore Oriole singing today, I couldn't find him though. Jerry will be getting the MG out any day now! That's a sure sign of spring! The temperature went up to 75 degrees today! It's supposed to be even nicer for the next two days. Yes, I love spring...

Heavenly Father, I love You. I praise You.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At The Farm

Today I went to visit some friends on their farm. Amy had invited me but my timing wasn't so good. Everyone was gone except Libby. She showed me around and was a fine hostess!

It's about time to gather the eggs!

Brown chickens produce brown eggs!

Libby letting one of the goats suck on her finger! They had 12 kids born recently to their goats. Kids are usually very friskly but I guess I didn't go at the right time. It was the middle of the afternoon. If I go again I'll go earlier while they still have their energy.

Nap time!

These two kids like to walk and lay on top of their mother! She's so patient she lets them!

They are so cute!

Lord, You are the creative Creator! Thank You for animals for us to enjoy and also to use for food, milk, etc.


Today was an interesting day. My friend, Amy, put on her blog about a shop that would trade used vases for flowers! She made the trade and I decided to do the same. Here is the beautiful bouquet I was given!

The Easter Lily is from a store where I almost got into trouble! I needed a picture of an Easter Lily for the newsletter I write. I decided to go to store where I usually shop and just take a picture of them. I took one shot and was almost ready to take a second one when a woman came to me and smiled. Then she said, "You're only taking this picture because you love the beauty of the flowers, right?" "Oh yes," I answered. Then she explained they have a policy of no photos taken in the store! I didn't know that. I explained about the newsletter and she said it's alright this time since she knows I'm only taking them because I love them. So here are my beautiful Easter Lilies!
Lord, thank You for the flowers. They are so beautiful! I praise You because You are the Creator. Thank You for helping me to not get into trouble, too!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brahms Requiem

Today I went to a concert at St Vincent De Paul Church in Bay City. Brahms Requiem was presented by SVSU. My friend, Tadd, was the guest bass soloist. It was a thrill for me to be there. Tadd and his dad, Ward. Ward was our pastor many years ago, in fact it was when Tadd was just a little boy! He and Tim (my son) loved to play together!

Dr. Theodore ..., my friend!
Heavenly Father, thank You for good friends. Thank You for Tadd and Ward, and for their whole family. Good friends are a blessing from You. Thank You for allowing me to go to this concert today.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Richard and Cookie! The years keep rolling by! Thirty-three years! Am I right? I think I am. This picture is about five years old, but I think it's a pretty good and accurate likeness of you both. Did you go out to eat? Or go somewhere to celebrate? I wish we lived closer so we could keep closer tabs on each other. I love you both.

Lord, thank You for Richard and Cookie. Please bless their marriage. I love them and You love them even more.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Bikes!

Money has been saved for new bikes and today was the day! Our driveway is good for learning so the whole family came over on their bikes. What fun!

Armon on his new blue bike! Just look at that smile!!!

Elmise is very excited too with her new pink bike! What fun!!!
Thank You, Lord, for new bikes, fun, grandchildren, health, love.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Play Time at Grandma Archer's

I picked the kids up from school and kept them until Rob picked them up. They were here for a very active hour! They're not quite ready for two wheeled bikes (we do have some) but the old tricycle is just the right size for now. It belonged to Jerry's mother for her day care and that was a very long time ago. So it's old and it sure has seen lots of kids ride it! Elmise is a good rope jumper! After playing outside for a while we came in and had ice cream cones!
Lord, thank You for good health and lots of energy! Thank You for these precious grandchildren.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mother! You don't look 96! This picture is only a few months old, and I don't think you've changed too much since then. I had hoped to be with you today but it just didn't work out. I'll come soon though. I hope you have a wonderful day today! You've lived a good long life. You've been a good mother to me and to my siblings. You were a good wife to Dad. He was who he was because of you! I love you, Mother. Have a wonderful day today!
Heavenly Father, thank You for Mother. You have given her a good long life. But life was not always easy...but the faith Mother had in you was so strong. If she ever doubted You I, as a child, was not aware of it. Please bless her now with Your Presence. I love her so much...and You love her even more!

Monday, March 15, 2010


It's been a while since I've written. I've been sick and am now feeling better.
I'm trying to get caught up with my house work and laundry. What a job that is. Life just keep going on, even when I'm sick.
This afternoon I visited with an interesting new friend. It's fun to look at life through some one else's experiences.
I'm going to be using another new friend to help me out with some of my monthy work. This will relieve me and help me out. She'll be helping me with the Prime Time News calendar. She came to me and asked how she could help!
Last evening we had a special evening at church with a young pastor (former pastor's son, Steve). He was very interesting and is an excellent speaker. Our local church is partnering with a new church in Napal! Steve came to give us a report, we all left humbled and excited.
I've got flowers coming up! Today was a lovely spring day! I've got to change my picture on my blog, so I'm looking for just the right picture! I'll find it soon.
Tomorrow is my mother's birthday! I had hoped to be with her for it but now have to wait a few more weeks. I'm not sure yet when I'm going...I just know I'm going.
Lord, thank You for caring for us. Thank You for Your Healing Touch. Thank You for the amazing growth of the church in Napal. Please be with Mother. Bless her with Your Presence.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, Pam! You were my first born and you were so beautiful and sweet! Life goes on...soon your oldest son will be getting married and we'll welcome a sweet new bride to the family!
Here you are working on a project. You've always got a project going for someone. It's a gift that you didn't get from me. I think you got it from both of your grandmothers!
Today you're on a cruise, a surprise gift from Gene, my wonderful son-in-law! I hope the weather is good and that you have a super day today and the rest of the cruise and trip. I love you very much.

Lord, thank You for Pam. She's a wonderful person, daughter, mother, sister, wife, friend. Please bless her with Your Presence. I love her and You love her even more!

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Things are kind of tough here right now. I've been sick for too long. I've been to the doctor twice. The first time to try and get over this before it got so bad. The second time because I was coughing sooo bad and not getting better. I want to make sure I can go to church on Sunday...Elmise and Armon are being dedicated to the Lord on Sunday and I don't want to miss it.

Well, here it is Sunday morning and I'm at home, Jerry went to church without me again. I don't think I've never been so sick in all my life. I'm missing the dedication service... Jerry will tell me all about it when he comes home.

Lord, I praise You because You are my Healer. I don't understand this but I know You are In Control. Please touch me and bring healing to my body. I love You.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Marion! I remembered! The years just keep going by. I really think we should get together once in a while, but we both seem to be so busy. We say hello at church and know that the telephone is always handy but still we don't connect very often. We should meet for breakfast or supper once in a while. Yes, we should, I'll call you. That's a promise! I wish for you a very happy birthday!

Heavenly Father, thank You for sisters-in-law! Thank You for Marion. Life is not easy, especially as a widow. Please watch over her, keep her safe, keep her well, keep her close to You. Bless her with Your Presence.