Friday, December 10, 2010

Nativity Collection

Jesus came for every nation and people. 
I have more sets for another day. Be sure to click on the pictures to see the details up close.

 This set gets the place of honor. Don't ask why...I just love it! The candle lights going around with the gold tinsel light up.
This set was given to me by our former neighbors. They are pure white and the detail in each one is incredible.
 These three sets represent three time periods: left: before the birth of Jesus, on the way to Bethlehem; center: after the birth, Jesus is lying in the manger; right: Jesus sitting on Mary's lap as a toddler when the wise men came to visit.
We bought this set in Bethlehem. It's made of Olive Wood. It's very precious to me.
 This set is of authentic dress. It was made by the Ceramic Club of Warm Beach, where my parents used to live.
Three sets of wise men or magi. The tall ones are pure white; the little Mexicans are so sweet; the gold ones are very rich magi. 

Heavenly Father, I praise You for the birth of Jesus. Help me to worship Him not my nativity sets. 

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Chuck and Sue said...

Thank you Anita, for sharing the pictures of your Nativity sets. How precious. I really like the Olive wood one. Do the Grandchildren love to look at them and maybe even re-arrange them? I only have one set. But they are very durable and our girls played with them, and so do our grandkids like to place them differently each time they come.