Sunday, December 19, 2010

Children's Bell Choir

This is the largest bell choir we've had! In this first picture they're just getting lined up. Elmise is the fifth child or the third girl in the front row. She has a pretty red flower in her hair!
Here they are ringing their bells. Elmise is right in the middle of this first row.
They are all concentrating to make sure they ring their own bell at the right time. Armon is the first boy in the second row.
A view of the choir from the back as I went back to my seat. Elmise is in front, I can't see Armon. I'm sorry I can't remember what Christmas song they were playing but I can tell you it was very good!
     Thank You, Heavenly Father, for these beautiful little children. Watch over each one of them as they're growing up. Please keep Your Hand upon each of them. Thank You for the beautiful music they made today as a bell choir.

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