Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saying Good-bye

It's time to say good-bye to our Chicago family. It's been a good weekend. Even good times come to an end. Now, as I so often do...these pictures are backwards. Please be patient with me.

Auntie Pam and Sydney saying farewell.

Pam and me drinking coffee after Annie, Kaleb, Shauna, and Gene left for the airport.
At the hotel, I woke up at about 4:00 AM, got up and down-loaded pictures on my computer. Knowing Annie and Kaleb were leaving to fly home to Sask., Canada, I decided to go down to the lobby to tell them good-bye. It was now 5:00 AM. I wasn't sure what time they were leaving but I knew it was early, so I was sure I'd be there when they left. I dressed and went down. The desk girl said no one had left yet so I was okay. She made fresh coffee for me! That was nice. It was still dark out so I watched daylight arrive as I watched for Kaleb to arrive. (Kaleb had stayed at Pam's house, Annie stayed at the hotel) Finally, after two cups of coffee and two hours, I decided to get on the lobby computer. While on, I looked at the said: 6:00! I was all mixed up. I finally realized my computer was still on Eastern time! My cell phone time changes with the time zones but not my computer! So I had gotten up at 3:00 AM Central time, went down stairs at 4:00, and waited until 6:00 AM, Central time. Soon after Shauna and Annie came downstairs and then Pam, Gene, and Kaleb arrived. What a morning for me!
Saying good-bye to Kaleb and Annie. They have to go home to Sask. Canada to work! Tim and Shauna are coming to Michigan to visit us for the week. (Kaleb's not sleeping, he just blinked!) I don't know the next time I'll see them.
Lord, thank You for the time we had with Annie and Kaleb. Thank You for jobs for them. Please keep them safe and well while their parents are here at our house.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Random Shots of the Reception

The reception was very nice. The atmosphere was friendly, happy, and loving. The food was fabulous!!! The music started out with 50's songs, some of my favorites! It wasn't too loud...but it went on to other songs that I don't know and it got louder!

Matthew, Wolfgang, and Christina.

Matthew and Pam.

Len and Gloria, Gene's parents. Andrew's other grandparents.

Wolfgang and Gene. Wolfgang was their exchange student a few years ago. He flew over from Austria and is now enjoying an extended visit with them for a couple of weeks.

Christina and Matthew.

Katie, visiting; and the cake.

The wedding party at the head table. This was an elegant place for a wedding reception.

Andrew and Katie giving each other a taste of their cake. Notice her long blue streamers on her dress. It was really beautiful and unique.

I think I have the pictures backwards again. They are just coming to the cake. But here you can see the front of her dress. It was so perfect for her. Click on the pictures to see them up closer.

The best man is making his candid remarks about Andrew. He did good.
Dear Lord, bless Andrew and Katie in their new life together as husband and wife.


Andrew and Katie had a beautiful wedding and a fun reception.

Introducing newly weds: Andrew and Katie!

Katie and Andrew.

Parents of the groom: Gene and Pam!

Wedding cake topper! It couldn't be more fitting! Andrew, with his mechanical engineering degree, works on yachts and Katie has her master's degree in the study of sharks!

Shauna, Gene, and Pam. Are we having fun yet?
Lord, thank You for life, for good times, for family, for Andrew and Katie.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Few Random Wedding Shots

Anita (Grandma), Katie (Granddaughter-in-law), Andrew (Grandson), Jerry (Grandpa).
The wedding of our oldest grandchild.

Wolfgang, Matthew, Christina.

Wolfgang and Matthew. Wolfgang came all the way from Austria!

Tim, Shauna, Annie, Anita, Jerry. We're ready, let's go!

Shauna, Tim, Anita, Jerry.

Shauna & Tim at the hotel.

Jerry & Me, ready to go to the wedding of Andrew & Katie.

Bella, Ted, Sydney.

Bella and Sydney.

Andrew and one of his groomsmen.

Kaleb & Andrew. Andrew is ready!

A sweet picture of cousins: Bella and Andrew.

Lord, this is a very special day. Please be present. Be in our conversation and our thoughts. Be especially with Andrew and Katie.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burley and Pewter

We drove to Ted's to take them with us to Chicago for Andrew's wedding. Our first grandchild to get married! The cats let me take their picture!

Pewter is actually the color of pewter.

A good close up of Burley!

Another shot of Pewter.

Bella and Pewter. The girls love their cats. Cat's can be left at home alone for a couple of days.
Lord, thank You for cats. They provide a lot of enjoyment and comfort.

Road Trip

We drove to Holland to get Ted, Sydney, and Bella. They went with us to Chicago for Andrew's wedding. It's a three hour drive from our house to Ted's and then a three hour drive from Ted's to Pam's in Chicago. But yesterday the traffic was so bad in Chicago we thought we'd never get to Pam's!

We did everything we could think of to make the time go by, even played with my camera. Here is a very close up view of Bella and me!

A very close up view of Syd and me.

The girls finally decided to lie down for a little snooze...on me! That's Bella's hair on the left and Syd's hair on the right!
Lord, thank You for a safe trip to Chicago.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hanging Out

It's so great to be here with everyone! We miss the ones who couldn't come. We're here from Chicago, from Michigan, from Saskatchewan, and from Austria! Tomorrow is the big day!

Pam, Matthew, and Annie. We gave Matthew his graduation card and gift now since we couldn't come to his graduation.

Ted threatened to get my camera tomorrow and take pictures of me!

Sydney from Michigan.

Tim and Shauna from Saskatchewan, Canada. Shauna was in a car accident a couple of days ago and here she is!

Bella, hanging out!

Kaleb and Wolfgang watching the world cup. Kaleb is from Saskatchewan, Canada and Wolfgang is from Austria!
Lord, thank You for giving us all a safe trip here.

Making Jewelery and Back Yard Fun

Back yard games in Auntie Pam's beautiful back yard! Sydney, Bella, and Ted learned the knack of tossing the yard darts.

The girls are making jewelery.
Sydney, Auntie Pam, Bella, and Aunt Shauna. First you measure the strand and decide if you want a necklace or a bracelet...

Annie joins in with Sydney and Auntie Pam.

Sydney, Auntie Pam, Annie, Bella, and Aunt Shauna all working on making the necklaces. They turned out rather nice!
Dear Lord, please bless our time together. Give us good quality time.