Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shopping Day

Haleigh, Sydney and Bella escorted me to Marshall's Clothing Store today so they could use their gift cards from Christmas. Here they are looking at the racks and racks of clothing. Sydney has tried on a sweater she ended up buying along with a pair of jeans. Bella bought a shirt and a sweater. Haleigh bought jeans and two tops. I bought three pairs of mittens for $3.00! It was quite an afternoon!

Now for the style show! Bella is showing off her new white shirt! It fits her very nicely and looks lovely!

Haleigh posing in her new jeans and shirt! They are very nice!

Here are all three girls showing off their new purchases. Haleigh and Sydney both bought new jeans. Bella's pink pants are not new.

Sydney is announcing Bella's new sort of a sweater/shirt. It's very nice.

All three again. Bella, Sydney, and Haleigh. Beautiful granddaughters.

Sydney and Haleigh showing off jeans and sweaters. Very lovely girls!

Lord, thank You for good times, for wise shopping purchases, for granddaughters.

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Kate said...

Happy New Year and many blessings in 2nd new computer is half way up and running!!!