Saturday, December 12, 2009

Max, the driver!

Here is Max driving! He's fifteen years old and has his learner's permit. He's a good driver, serious about the responsibility. He got quite the workout today. First of all, the car didn't want to go into reverse! We were moving forward instead of backing up. He finally shut the motor off and started over. Then something clicked and it went into reverse. We backed out and were on our way. Driving to his basketball game was a challenge because he wasn't sure where it was at! We drove and drove. After making a couple of phone calls (no, he didn't talk while driving) asking directions we stopped and asked for help. The man even printed out directions for us! These directions took us on the expressway for a short ways, so he also got some expressway driving! He did good, he stayed calm even in his frustration. I am very proud of him and I'm so glad I agreed to let him drive with me.
Dear Lord, thank You for Max. Please be with him as he learns to drive and goes on to get his drivers license. It's such a responsibility and I'm very proud of him. Please keep him safe.

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