Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Watching TV

This picture is so intriguing to me. Christy, Gus and Mason are watching TV! Just look how Gus is sitting...his hind feet are in mid air, his front feet are bracing him up. He's sitting on the sofa beside Christy! I told you he's a sweet dog! I don't remember what show they were watching but it must have been interesting! I think I remember Lisa's Dalmatian, Duke, sitting like this.
Lord, thank You for pets, especially Gus.

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Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Is Gus yours? He is so cute, looks like he is watching a dog show for sure. My oldest daughter had a dog very similar to Gus, and he was such a lovable dog, very protective of the kids and Julie. He has died now, got cancer and just old. That was before they had kids, and then their first came along. He died before the others were born. Blessings to you, glad you are enjoying family at Christmas time.