Saturday, September 26, 2009

Latest Style?!

I laughed when I saw this woman in blue jeans and high heels! Yes, she was a woman, not a teenager. She had her two children with her, about 5 & 7 years of age. (They called her mama.) She was talking on her cell phone when I snapped this picture and as you can see had her back to me. I just couldn't resist this photo op! I guess I'm really out of the loop!
Now here's something to show you that I'm not as rigid as I used to be...! Late in the night, a few nights ago, I was chatting on fb with a young man who used to attend our church when he was a boy. We both wrote on various subjects. Then I asked if he goes to church. His answer was that he hasn't been to church in a long time. So I invited him to come to ours again. Among other things he said he'd have to buy some new clothes. I assured him he wouldn't. "Jeans are fine," I said. "Anything goes!" That came from me! I've not worn pants to church on Sunday mornings yet...always either a dress or skirt. So, you see, I'm making progress!
Lord, thank You for diversity. Thank You for youth. Thank You for Jacob. Help him to see that You are real and to see his need of going to church for worship, for learning about You, and for making good relationships.


ruth said...

I always enjoy your pictures Anita:). Looks like you've been having a great month with the hot air balloons, flowers, bugs:), and riding around in the convertible. I'm happy for you. Hope October is just as great!

Joy Ziegler said...

I love it! And...I am proud of you, Anita....for seeing past your own personal standards to the greater cause of those outside the church doors that really need Jesus. I pray that this young man really does come back to church!