Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pig Roast

Two very good friends, Lena and Muriel. I don't know what they're discussing but it looks interesting.

Wilma, Muriel, and Jim are facing the camera. We're so happy Jim and Muriel made it to the pig roast this year. They didn't make it last year and we missed them. Jim just turned 96 years of age! I told him I was so glad they came and he said, "I wouldn't have missed it for anything!"

If you look closely you'll see a boy up in this tree! He's far up and I had a hard time getting the picture! Jeremy has moved with his family and they were just here visiting for the weekend. I'm so glad they were able to come to the pig roast.

This good looking relaxed man is my Jerry!

Our hosts, Pat & Cherilyn, own this pontoon and took anyone, who wanted to go, for a ride.

The weather was perfect for a day at the lake! Haleigh, Sydney and Bella are sitting on the raft. There were lots of kids there and they all really had fun!

Bella and friend, Olivia, are on the raft. Sydney and Haleigh are in the water.

Sydney and Haleigh sitting on raft that allows getting on the trampoline raft.

Haleigh and Sydney jumping on the trampoline raft.

Sydney, Haleigh, Olivia, and Bella sitting on the boat having just returned from a ride!

Yesterday we went to a pig roast that some friends put on every year on the Saturday before Labor Day. This is the 26th consecutive year they've put it on. It's for all their relatives and friends! Yeah! We're friends! We took our granddaughter's with us, Haleigh, Sydney, and Isabella. There were around 100 people there! It was hard to get a definite count but 100 is close.
Thank You, Lord, for the beautiful weather and for the fun our granddaughter's had in the water. Thank You for all the friends who were at the pig roast.

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Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

What fun you all are having. I've never been to a pig roast but it sounds like fun.