Monday, October 19, 2009

An Evening At The Nursing Home

Vel, sister-in-law, and Lorraine, sister, eating supper with Mother and the rest of us at the nursing home where Mother is living.

This is a picture of Braden, Kimberlyn, Lorraine, and Heidi. We all met at the nursing home to have supper with Mother. However, the flu bug caught up with Heidi's family. Poor Braden didn't look good or feel good. He was feverish so Heidi took him right back out to the car, made a trip to the store, then after taking his temp. decided to go back home. It was a disappointment to all of us, but you can't take a chance, especially in a nursing home, with sick children. It turned out their whole family came down with flu, so she made the right decision.

Lorraine, my sister, and Jerry. They serve good food at the nursing home. We had a private room for us to eat in so it was nice. We were there from Michigan and Lorraine was there from Oregon. It was a nice family time.

I forgot my camera on this trip! Can you believe it? So I bought a little cheap camera just for this trip. I had a hard time getting used to the new camera so, alas, I don't have pictures of everyone.

Lord, thank You for the family time we had in Colorado with Mother. We drove a lot of miles and Lorraine flew a lot of miles. Thank You for watching over Heidi as she drove back home that evening. Help her family to get completely over the flu.

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