Thursday, June 18, 2009


Again, I have my pictures in backwards. Batiking is painting a picture on fabric. Shauna took us so I could try my hand at it. I loved it! This is a VERY HOT day. This Muslim woman has got to be even hotter than we were with her black head covering!

This man is the artist and is painting the pictures onto the fabric with hot wax. We paint between the lines of wax. When we are finished painting we leave our work there. They cut them apart and wash them in very hot water. The wax washes off. Then they sew a hem around each piece and deliver them to us in a couple of days!

Shauna, Kaleb, and Annie each painted two clothe napkins making a set of six. What a nice souvenir of their years in Malaysia. They've been here several times before too.

Pam is doing a beautiful job on hers!
Kaleb picking out the color of paint he wants to use.

It's kind of like paint by number, except there are no numbers and you can use whatever colors you want! Scroll down to see what this material looks like before we started painting. Kaleb did a good job on his.

Annie did a good job too. They've been here before so they knew what they were doing!

Pam is almost finished painting her beautiful flower, the frame around it brings out the colors of the flower. Pam has also been here before...a year and a half ago!

Looks good, Shauna!
Here was mine before I started painting. Come to visit and I'll show you the finished product! It's on the table in the sun room as my table clothe!

Lord, we had so many new experiences in Malaysia. Thank You for this wonderful time.


Amy said...

That looks like FUN!

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

This looks like a fun craft. I have tried doing stain glass window painting using white glue and some paint, drawing the outline first with black glue paint and then fill in with other colors of paint, no glue. This reminds me of it. What a neat experience and how good is that - you got to bring it home. Thanks for sharing the pictures.