Saturday, December 03, 2011


I'm so confused... Why is it that newsmen, coaches, businesses, etc. all have dress codes but pastors and their wives and newswomen  don't. I just don't get it. In fact, why don't they want to dress nicely? 

I look and feel so much better when I dress for an occasion. I used to work in schools, homes and businesses as an ESL tutor. I would never go wearing old clothes that look like I've been working out in the yard. I didn't dress up but I looked decent. 

When I walk into the church office on a week day and see pastor's dressed like they've been working out in the yard, I'm surprised,  disappointed and disgusted. What's wrong with wearing a pair of khaki pants and casual shirt? I don't get it. 

On Sundays the worship team look like they're up there for rehearsal not for Sunday worship. But what can we do? Nothing. If we complain it does no good. 

Businesses have dress codes. We, as laymen, pay our pastoral staff so why can't we impose a dress code? Well, we just can't. But I don't understand any of this. Am I alone here in my disappointed thinking?

Lord, I praise You because You are All Knowing. Forgive me if I'm being picky here and have the wrong attitude. Thank You for our wonderful pastoral staff. Help me to understand. Help me to accept these new ideas about dressing...if I'm wrong. Help them to see the error in their thinking...if they're wrong. I love You, Lord, because You are Sovereign. 


Bill Williamson said...

You are not alone, Anita. I feel just as you do. I do not understand it either. These pastors think they need to lower themselves to our level to reach us. When they should be raising us to a higher level. The Bible says we are to honor the minister. So, why are they lowering themselves by dressing down rather than holding themselves up as Servants of God to be respected as such. And, by dressing up using the same dress codes as businesmen I respect them for who they are much easier than when they are dressed in sweaters, T-shirts, blue jeans, etc.

Cowgirl said...

So true grandma. I always dress nice so do u and the rest of our family.
Love you Syd