Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dress Part II

In my last entry I wrote my feelings about dress today in the church. No, I only wrote about weekdays not Sundays! That's a whole nutter subject! I received one comment. One. It was in my favor, except I think he was writing about Sundays. So what does that mean? Well, it means I can write another blog on the subject. This will probably be my last one. 

The main point was why does the business world maintain a dress code and the church doesn't. I don't know what good it is for me to get back on my wooden crate and present my feelings again though because I'm sure none of my pastor's read my blog anyway. But this is my blog and I'll write what I want! So there!!! 

The pastoral staff is an educated bunch of people. The business world is an educated bunch of people. So where is the difference here? A dress code versus no dress code. I just don't get it. 

I know I'm not alone here but few folks are willing to speak out. I was chatting, with a long time friend, on the phone one day. We had a good time reminiscing. We hadn't been in contact for years. Just before we hung up he asked me a question. "Does your pastor dress up for Sunday morning?" I told him honestly, "Sometimes, but not always." He proceeded to tell me how his pastor dresses - jeans, t-shirt, etc. Thank goodness my pastor doesn't dress like that. In fact yesterday he had on a white shirt and tie! He looked very professional! "Thank you, Pastor." 

Pastors claim they want the people to accept them as regular folks. Of course they are regular folk but they are also called of God to a position of teaching, instructing, performing sacred rites: weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc. It is a privileged position.

Have you read in the Old Testament how God clothed the High Priests? Exodus 28 and 29. God gave specific guide lines on what they were to wear. Now I know that was thousands of years ago and we certainly don't expect our pastors to dress like that. But the fact remains, the priests were called of God and our pastors today are called of God. They are set apart. So why don't they dress like a professional person called of God? Instead they want to dress like any other person. But they're not any other person...they are called of God. 

We had the next highest person, in our denomination, come to our church to speak one Sunday a few years ago. We arrived at church a few minutes early, as usual. I greeted the guest speaker and then smiling, said, "I see you've joined the ranks of those who now dress down on Sundays." He was wearing slacks and a tight polo shirt. He replied, "Yes, I tried to think how the people here in your church would be dressed and I came dressed accordingly. Oh, I have a sweater in my car I could put on." Before I could even reply he was on his way out to get his sweater which he put on, but truthfully, it didn't help his appearance in the least.

Don't pastors know they are looked up to? Or don't they want to admit they are looked up to? Yes, they are human, they make mistakes, they put their pants on like every other person. But they have been called, set apart, by God. It's time we lay people stand up and say: dress the part. It matters.

Lord, I rest my case. I praise You because You are all knowing. You know my heart. Help me to accept what I can't change. Thank You for our wonderful pastoral staff. Help them to see how much more effective they would be if they were completely obedient to You and dressed according to their calling. Yes, I believe it does matter. Help me to live pleasing to you. Help me now to move on and do what I can to be supportive of our pastors.


Anonymous said...

Anita, Jesus didn't have a special code he dressed as a ordinary person. I believe the pastor's dress code has changed so they are able to reach the unsaved world which we all have been called to be apart of this mission.

Amish Stories said...

Thought id leave a comment on your blog and say hello. Richard from an Amish settlement in Pennsylvania.

Bill Williamson said...

In my comment in the last blog I was thinking about how the minister should wear suits and ties on Sunday and midweek services however, I also agree that the church staff of Ministers, Youth Ministers, etc. should be wearing business suits in their daily activity when they are working in the church office and in the field witnessing in the neighborhood. Again, they are acting as God's Disciples and should command the respect as such. We have watch the downfall of our society when it come to dress since the hippy days of the 1960's. However, the business world has not changed. Wallstreet, business owners, lawyers, doctors, Bamkers etc. still wear business suits. A hippy who gets a job at a bank has to change his way of dressing. Why don't we expect the person who feels called to the ministry also dress the part. Jesus was God! He demanded respect everytime he talked. Ministers do not have that luxury. Those who are converted must change in various ways outwardly to show that he has a change in his heart inwardly. If I were a betting person, (I am not) I would bet $10,000.00 that the Bishops and General Superintendents of Church Denominations wear buiness suits daily and on Sunday's. I would also bet the same for the Superintendant of a Church Area Conference. Because the Confernce Superintendant demands respect from his ministers that he oversees. I do not understand why Church leaders do not expect the same from their local pastors. I think that Church Denominational leaders have been duped and have for way too long allowed the local preacher to dress however he feels best suits his congregation. Balony. And, I have no respect for TV Evangelists who wear t-shirts and blue jeans when they are preaching on television. Is it not time for Church Leaders to rethink their poistion on the dress attire for all ministers of the Gospel?

Amish Stories said...

Id like to thank you Anita for being a reader to Amish Stories, and to also wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new years. Richard