Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bell Choir

This year's bell choir! They do so well! It's just a real treat to have them play for us! It's hard to see them in this picture and I wish you could hear them. Their bells are colored and their director, Emma, holds cards with the colored bells on them so when they see their color they really ring their bell or bells. The older kids hold two bells. It's really sweet. They'll be playing two or three more times before Christmas.
Heavenly Father, how I praise You for the sound of ringing bells! Thank You for these precious children as they make a joyful sound for You.

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ruth said...

Wish I could see them play and hear them...I'm doing handbells with my classes at school right now and I'm amazed at how young they can pick up how to do it and make beautiful music. Glad that your church gives those kind of opportunities to your kids!
Happy Thanksgiving Anita,