Friday, July 29, 2011

Journal July 29, 2011

So much has happened in my life and other's lives over the last little while I must take time to journal.
We were at family camp for a week. That was so good. Every part of it...well...not the music so much. But the speakers were excellent. It was very hot all week, in the 90's. We only had one storm blow up for being so hot. 
Wednesday of this week, July 27, 2011 is a day to be remembered forever. A-Day, adoption day, finally. The court house was pretty packed with people. The judge said it had never been so packed for an adoption! She was very nice, even sweet! She had been so stubborn for so long but Wednesday she was sweet! I think we could even be friends!!! 
The lawyer talked first, Rob was given a time to talk and he did a good job, explaining how loved they have been since before they were even born, by God who had a plan for their lives. They were loved by their mother and that's why she took them to the orphanage because she couldn't provide for them. Now they are loved by he and Jessica and the rest of the family and even all their friends. Then he thanked the judge for finalizing the adoption. He did very well. I was proud of him.
Judge Allen, Jessica, Rob, Elmise, Armon
Judge Allen then explained everything and signed the documents. Elmise and Armon and Rob and Jessica all went up with the judge. She gave the kids each a special pen to keep. Rob got to bang the gavel! 
Armon signing the quilt.
In the hallway there's a quilt hanging that all adoptive kids sign their names to. Elmise and Armon both signed their names. I want to look at that quilt some time when the hallway isn't jammed with people!
After the adoption proceedings we all gathered on the hillside behind the courthouse and had a group picture taken. 
Then we made our way to Pizza Sam's about a block away for supper together. 

At 6:30 at our church we had some guest speakers, so we went right to the church. I needed to help set up, since I'm on the board for this. It was a very interesting evening. When it was over the two speakers came to our house for the night! Becca, a missionary from Asia and Pakep, a man also from Asia, came home with us. They are both lovely people, not a couple. She's older than he is. He has a wife and four children back home waiting for him. We had a room for each of them. It was so fun getting to know them. Pakep was so interested in our house and our clocks and our Dutch shoes! They were here until just before lunch time on Thursday. We had a good time with them.

Tomorrow Rob and Jessica are renewing their wedding vows, on the beach! They've been married for 151/2 years and now have four children. Ty is 18, Haleigh - 14, Elmise - nine and Armon - six, so it's actually a family day, all committing to each other. I'll report on it later, after the fact.

I'm getting sleepy and think I'll go to bed now. So good night...

Lord, how I praise You for love, joy, grace, mercy, peace. Please forgive me for being neglectful of Your promises. Thank You for all Your blessings. Thank You for families. Please be with us all tomorrow, especially Rob and Jessica as they vow to love, honor and cherish each other and the children. I love them so much and You love them even more.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday July 25

Happy Birthday, Jessica! I think this will be known as the week that was! Today is your birthday and you're working! Wednesday is the Final Adoption Day, finally! Just think you'll be a forever family forever! Saturday is your wedding renewal vows day! What a week! What a day today is! I hope you know you're loved. You're a special daughter-in-law. We do love you and wish for you a very happy, happy birthday. You're a very special mom to your kids...all four of them.
Lord, thank You for Jessica. Thank You for the person that she is. Watch over her and bless her as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, nurse, friend and neighbor. I love her and You love her even more.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday June 11

Happy Birthday, Gene! 7/11/11 Hmmm! I wonder if you celebrated yesterday, on the weekend, or today, on your actual birthday. You're a good son-in-law. We have some good memories with you, like going to Malaysia, helping build your shed in the back yard, the wedding last summer, and lots more. Thanks for being a good husband to our daughter and a good father to two of our grandsons. I wish for you a wonderful day today and many more years.
Lord, thank You for Gene. He's a good husband to Pam, good father to  Matthew, Andrew and now, Katie. He's a good son-in-law, husband, father, brother, son, nephew, friend, neighbor, and  an all-around good man. I love him, Lord, and You love him even more.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Journal July 7, 2011

Time to write again. So much has taken place since I last wrote. I'm still working with Armon every morning. This morning after class we went to the library with Elmise and Rob. This picture is of the kids beside two darling sculptures in the library. Armon and Elmise got their own library cards today. They're quite proud. They each got to pick out a book and a DVD movie. I also checked out an I Spy book that had been recommended to me as a helping book for Armon. He is learning but it's slow. 
Last weekend Ted, Sydney and Bella came to stay. We enjoy it so much when they come. We're kept busy but it's a good busy. We watched fire works, went swim suit shopping, went swimming and to MacDonald's, had a cook out, played ladder ball, walked Plaid, went to church, talked, etc. 
Jerry and Ted worked on the MG. It has a problem, in fact, when they went for a ride it stalled and they couldn't get it going. A young guy pulled them all the way home! They had driven up to Wixom Lake and were on their way home when it stalled. The good part was they had already been to the ice cream cone shop so they didn't have to miss out on that! That would have been horrible. They think it might be the fuel pump.
Today when I was at the library I had an interesting conversation with the librarian. She was waiting while Armon signed his name and looked at me and asked, "Do you all attend Midland Free Methodist Church?" My instant silent reaction was, what does this have to do with getting a library card? I didn't ask but said, "Well, yes, we do." Then she said she does too! I asked her name and said I'm sorry I didn't recognize her. When she said her name she also said they've been attending for about a year! I smiled and said she must go to first service. No, she said they go to second service. I was embarrassed to say I didn't recognize her. Then she said she recognized our name from the Prime Time News newsletter! I said it was good to know she reads it because I'm the editor! What a surprising conversation! We're going to look for each other on Sunday. 
Lord, I praise You because You are Omnipresent, Sovereign, Love. Forgive me for taking You for granted and for trying to do things on my own. Thank You for watching over us. Thank You for family and friends. Please help me as I work with Armon each morning. Help me to make a difference. Help him to make an effort to learn and to focus on letters and words. He's an intelligent little boy but he needs help getting started. 

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Birthday July 1

Happy Birthday, Vel! Another year... Can you believe it? You're a good sister-in-law to me! Thanks for all you do for my mom. Thanks for putting up with me when I come out to visit Mother, you and Bill, Lisa, Doug and Justin. I appreciate you more than you know. I hope you have a great day today, you deserve it. Just putting up with my younger brother, Bill, says you deserve it!!!
(Jerry says, "Happy birthday, Wilma!")

Lord, thank You for Vel. She's a good sister-in-law, wife, mother, grandma, daughter-in-law, aunt, sister, friend, neighbor, etc. Please keep her safe and well. Keep her trusting in You. I love her and You love her even more.